Porsche VS. VAZ

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March 9 in the city of Orsk, street Tobolsk collided car "VAZ 2105" and «Porsche», - told reporters Ural56.Ru the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Orenburg region. Domestic car driver died from his injuries in hospital. The driver and passenger foreign cars was given medical assistance on the spot. At the scene, the traffic police work. Currently, the police set all the participants and circumstances of the incident. Also on the scene is the chief of the MOI of Russia for the city of Orsk Alex Smolkov.
- Behind the wheel «Porsche» was the district commissioner of police of the city of Orsk - told Ural56.Ru the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Orenburg region. - Upon verification of the accident is organized.




I admit that the district on his salary could buy a used Porsche Boxter, but whether it is possible for the same salary to keep him (insurance, motor vehicle tax, gasoline ...) ???



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