Imported famous alcoholic drinks in the USSR

I was born into the family of a Soviet submarine officer (later - KGBista) than very proud. On identities watched alcoholic life of Soviet officers, and now buying "elite" Do notice that we then still had in his mouth all their copyrights and brands, and made for a penny analogues that now stands at $ 20-40 per bottle in dyutikah and 100,500 rubles in the stores.
My mom makes them so far. Taste and ogranolepticheskie properties virtually indistinguishable from the famous beverage.
Under the cut image and the old Soviet recipes and their imported counterparts.

Use the recipe and the name of the Red Banner Northern Fleet (Zaozersk aka Severomorsk-7, also known as Murmansk-150, also known as Western People). In other garrisons, fleets and arms recipes and names may vary.

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Cointreau (fr. Cointreau) - French ardent spirits, clear liquor with a floral-fruity fragrance based on a combination of sweet and bitter orange.
Triple sec (from the French. Triple Sec - «triple dry") - with the scent of orange liqueur, similar to the Curaçao liqueur (Curasao), but less sweet and has no color. Alcohol content - 15-40% [1], density - 1, 09. It was invented in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste combo (fr. Jean-Baptiste Combier) in the town of Saumur (Saumur), France.
Fortress - 40%Куантро
Price - 1100 rubles for 0, 5

The main drink of the Soviet Navy Officers Red
Method of preparation:
Sailor-petty-michmansky option - alcohol mixed with water to obtain 40% of the drink (degrees measured using a density meter to measure the density of the electrolyte batteries) and drink ohlazhlennym.
But the officers - aesthetic-intelligent people, so pre-brewed alcohol a week or month for orange peel, after which it is diluted with water.
Cost of 0, 5 liters = value of about 0, 3 liters of alcohol and a few oranges (flesh which actually eats children).

Kahlúa (Kahlua) - Mexican coffee liqueur (alcohol content - 20-36% depending on the variety and market sales: In Ohio, for example, authorized the sale of liquor strength 21, 5%, the rest of the US - only 20%). Produced since 1936.
Fortress - 20-36%Калуа
Price - about 1500 rubles for 0, 7

The main drink is the most important beverage Jeune CSF
Coffee liqueur
Method of preparation:
The "simplified" version, if you do not manage to get the coffee beans makes coffee syrup - add sugar to the water and the Soviet terrible instant coffee (see the image below), it is all heated, cooled, and interfere with the alcohol. Elite version (when they could get the same grain) - very strong brewed coffee and sweet, and again cooled, and to alcohol. Does not require the infusion.
Cost of 0, 7 liters = value of about 0, 4 liters of alcohol, half a tin of coffee, sugar and chetvertpachki.

the most coffee Kahlua

Lawyer (Advocat, Advocaat, Advokaat) - bright yellow Dutch egg liqueur mixture of grape brandy and Egg-foot (ie, egg yolks, sugar and milk), very smooth, smooth, velvety texture. Available also in AustriaАдвокат_(ликёр)
Fortress - 14-20%
Price - 900 rubles for 0, 7

Secondary Drink Young Female Officers CSF
Egg liqueur
Method of preparation:
Rub the egg yolks with the sugar, add the cream (if you're lucky) or milk to dilute the alcohol.
Cost of 0, 7 liters - half a dozen eggs, a glass of milk, a glass of alcohol

Baylis (Eng. Baileys) - Irish Cream liqueur, it consists of Irish whiskey and Irish cream.Бейлиз
Fortress - 17%
Price - 800 rubles for 0, 5

Secondary drink middle-aged wives and widows officers CSF
Cream liqueur Spermyanka in the common, non-military naval classification Soviet heartland - Baboval (when you need to discreetly drink sweet innocent woman a drink and to induce her to intercourse).
Method of preparation:
Mix jar condensed milk diluted in water toffee, mixed with alcohol. Optional - one egg and add the cinnamon (instead chicory used for the lack of cinnamon).
Cost of 0, 5 liters - Bank of condensed milk, one egg, half a glass of alcohol, some butterscotch.

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Also, there were still 100,500 cordials, liqueurs, liqueurs and with modern imported and local counterparts, but they have not won much attention. Send your recipes.

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