Bulldog, the tiger and the lion

26-year-old veterinarian from South Africa introduced its "patients" to pets, and animals became inseparable friends.

In the city of Port Elizabeth, 26-year-old LASMA Or, for a long time dreamed of the veterinarian, not only to fulfill the dream of his life, but also to make friends Bengal tiger and white lion with his English bulldog.

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Not long ago, she became the head of a fragile Seaview Lion Park in South Africa, which is currently home to 30 lions, 10 tigers and leopards 3.

- I often hear from others that chose not the easiest job, but I really like it! In a short time tigers and lions have become to me like children - shared the girl. - Many visitors to our park are very afraid of the animals, but to me they behave like hand.

Accustomed to spend all his free time at work, Or was forced to leave his bulldog named Hugo a house.

- Parting with the dog was given to me very hard, and I decided to bring it to us in the reserve - LASMA confessed in an interview. - Bulldog watched carefully as I walk with the animals is constantly courting cub named Ice and lion cub named Igor and feed them from a bottle.

According to the owner, she was very surprised when it came into contact favorites, and they began to celebrate. She admitted that she first encountered the close friendship between the dog and the wild animals.

In just a few months as livestock closer to each other, that every day harder and harder to survive the separation.









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