"The Simpsons" The answers to the main questions of the series

The Simpsons - the longest, most successful and most famous animated series in the history of mankind. This is the third decade of his face in a hundred countries around the world, and in 2000, Homer and his family finally honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Series creator Matt Groening Simpsons conceived as a satirical depiction of life of the ordinary American family. With the same home, children, a beer and a TV. It is unlikely that Matt was counting on such a dizzying success of his creation, but the heroes of "The Simpsons" has long gone beyond television screens.

Pretty Marge Simpson managed to stand out on the covers of American Maxim and Playboy. Recently, American scientists have discovered a gene in mice that restricts the ability to learn. The new gene was named in honor of the always attentive and savvy Homer Simpson.

"To get to the Simpsons' dreams a whole bunch of the most different celebrities. In the entire history of the series in his episode of "shoot" 600 star guests, including Michael Jackson, JK Rowling and Tony Blair. And British Prime Minister voiced himself.

Fans of the series know all the ins and outs of each character and draw from memory the Simpsons family tree to the thirtieth of the knee. But ordinary viewers, we are sure, are always some questions to Matt Groening. Let's try now to answer some of them.

Where did such a name Simpsons?

Simpson - a good old English name. According to the plot of the series the father of Homer Simpson Abraham Jay Simpson really comes from "Old World", presumably from the North of England or Scotland.

Why was the name of the Simpsons?

Creator Matt Groening animated series did not bother much and named the characters as well as his family name. Matt's father's name was Homer, his mother - Margaret and sisters - Lisa and Maggie. Full name Bart, by the way, no less Bartolomeo.

Why Simpsons yellow?

No, it's not a chronic hepatitis and yellow fever. Groening believes that the bright and unusual color of heroes - a pledge of recognition and a guarantee that the viewer will not miss the show, switching channels.

When the Simpsons started to show in Africa, the posters depicted a black whole family. Beautiful hair was black, too, Marge, and Lisa and Maggie heads were African braids. Even the beer "Duff" was replaced with a local beer producer.

Why Simpsons four fingers?

Surely not all pay attention to it, but the Simpsons really only four fingers on each hand. In fact, this is an old trick that multipliers are used in many cartoons. This optimization of the number of fingers is much simplifies the work of the artist and the audience is not particularly noticeable.
The only character with a complete set of fingers in the Simpsons - it is the Lord God. By the way, apart from the fifth finger of the heroes of the series and no eyebrows.

What Marge on his head?

As for the origin of the original hairstyles little wife of Homer expert opinions diverge. According to one version, Marge's hair heroine borrowed from classic American movies 30's "The Bride of Frankenstein." Groening himself in one of his interviews split, which was originally planned to hide for so imposing hairdo as much long rabbit ears.

Where is Springfield?

Springfield - one of the most common American place names (in Russian Simpsons, by the way, were called to Smirnov and lived in Aleksandrovka). Matt Groening claims that he was not referring to any specific Springfield, but fans of the series do not stop looking. Groening himself a native of Portland, Oregon. The names of many streets of the city are used in the series as the names of different characters.

Map of Springfield, hanging in the police station, is an exact copy of the map of medieval Constantinople.

Where to buy a beer, "Duff»?

"Let's drink alcohol - the source and the solution to all our problems!" - Homer Simpson likes to say.
Like many other average American male to Homer Simpson's beer - more than beer. And Duff - his favorite brand.

This is completely fictional brand, albeit painfully similar to the mega US Budweiser.

Real beer industry could not stay away, and now beer Duff produces a multitude of small breweries around the world. Channel FOX chasing them with lawsuits and Duff beer is becoming a rarity. For example, the Australian box Duff on eBay can now be bought for $ 10,000, although once he was worth $ 24 in the store. In the United Arab Emirates in the dubbing of the series Duff beer turns into non-alcoholic sodas and hot dogs - in beef sausages.

Simpson and Russia

This great country as Russia simply could not be left unattended in the Simpsons. In the intro of the 14th episode of the 2nd season sisters Marge photo appears in the mausoleum of Lenin.

In the 10th series of the 8th season of Homer breathes into a tube, after which the device shows the highest degree of intoxication under the name "Boris Yeltsin". And in the 15th episode of the 17th season of Homer goes home for VAZ-2105.


For the first time on screen, the Simpson family appeared April 19, 1987.

Who created 24 seasons, the series has exceeded the number of 500.

Estimated audience the show - 13, 5 million viewers.

The show involved about 150 regular characters.

Production of a series worth $ 2 000 000. Of these, the voice acting for the main characters of each of the actors gets $ 400,000 per episode

In the US there are 34 cities named Springfield.

In all this. I hope to learn something new!



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