Project "Fotoperepis New York" street photographer Brandon Stanton.


Project "Fotoperepis New York" street photographer Brandon Stanton.
Comment photographer.

Will 69 photos

1- "After I made her picture, she is her cheek for a kiss.
After the kiss, she said, "Is not love a miracle?"
"Yes, it is & quot ;, I replied. Then she leaned over and said:
"But sex is better."

2- "I love when people understand the style of the age, rather than hide it.
Whether it's gray hair, or a cane, or glasses, have the dignity associated with the presence of experience.
They should be worn as a medal. »

3- "I'm in love with her hair and shawl-Fortunately the wind made them focus.»


5- "Put me on the internet! Even on Google! »


7- "It was so cool to me. Yesterday I had the honor to be photographed
Master Photographer Jill Enfield.
It uses the same method that was used to make portraits
another soldier in the Civil War. This process is called Wet Collodion,
and is to carry a portable darkroom.
After the picture is taken, Jill instantly uses a special blend
chemicals to transfer photo on a piece of glass.

Recently, she has used this method in a series of portraits of the new immigrants,
who have recently immigrated to the United States.
She explains: "With this method, I can show that they are not less brave,
than those sailed on boats 150 years ago. "

Watch a short video video Jill in action: »

8- "Because of my tendency to ask people to pose on the street, I had to buy
a unique experience to shout at her mother Alec Baldwin (left).
Which, by the way, gave me the opportunity to look at the life interest of Alec Baldwin.
Elaine Stritch it, Broadway legend, who plays the mother of Alec Baldwin. On 30 Rock. »

9- "I stumbled upon a national treasure yesterday. I walked along 3rd Avenue when he noticed an old man in a wheelchair
His pushed guardians. Despite his physical condition, he was dressed very provocatively.
It was a bizarre yellow suit. All he had yellow, shades even his socks.
Intrigued by his appearance, I leaned over and asked to photograph.
He nodded silently. After I took a picture of him, his caretaker formally
presented: "This Banana George", the oldest barefoot waterskier world. He is now 97.
When he was 92, he set a world record as the oldest person on water skis barefoot. "
Banana George did not even know how to water ski, until the 40.
But soon it became his passion. So much so that he made a show at Cypress Gardens.
Jumping and riding on the shoulders of women. During his career, he broke the spine 4 times.
He also broke his ankle, knee, and eleven ribs.
I saw the footage as a very old George pulled through the water in a wheelchair-on-skis
and he was smiling like crazy.
Here you can see a short video that I found.
Ski Banana George on his 90th birthday:

10th Meeting in Chelsea.

11- "I would never wear something boring."

12 "This is as a compress on the corpse»

13- "If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?»

"Be good and be a man!»

14- "I'm eighty years old. Shestidesyatishestiletny man just flirting with me.
But his daughter pulled him. »

15 Courtship

16 Memories.

17 I asked what for the leaves in her hat? .. She replied with a heavy Russian accent:
"The smell of leaves lowers high blood pressure.»


19- "My favorite feature in it, how obedient she was.»
"And this is my answer too. For 56 years, he maintained a surprisingly all I wanted to do. »

20 "Can we take a picture close up?»
"I do not know. Thirty years ago it was possible. »

21 "Has anyone seen her car keys?»

22- "Just take a picture of the bag. This is the best part. "

"Oh, come».

"Well, just do not get too close!»

23- "I am a widow for five years. And I beware that people look at me as I dress,
to pick someone realties. I would like to meet someone, but I'm not going
to do anything for it. »

24 I first met this woman on Cinco de Mayo. She sat alone
in a loud and crowded Mexican restaurant, reading a book.
She was dressed in a T-shirt with the inscription: "It's not the years in your life, and the life in your years.»
I came across it again yesterday. This time it was with an equally awesome message on her shirt. & Quot;

25 "I am a Catholic monk. I live a life of prayer. "
"What about cigarettes?»
"Someone has to do the clouds."

26- "What do you like most about your wife?»
"I can not say it out loud!»

27 Prepare a handkerchief to tears of emotion.

28- "What is your favorite feature in it?»
"It does not matter, all that makes it better.»
"What is your favorite feature in it?»
"Her passion for adventure."


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