Pirate treasure

A total of 32 photos and a few letters.

01. Actually, the card. I drew her into agonizing "peint". The child said, "Download the map pirate treasure on the internet." At that time he was only 7, so he believed. Now in his 10, prohilyalo would not exactly))) printed map, I announced that Kuskovskaya Forest Park is one like the place where the crossing of the railway and parking. But what a strange pencil with the number 1 - we have to find out.

02. It is my draft and crib. On the eve of pirate treasure hunt for a few hours, I wandered through the forest park Kuskovskaya with navigation marker and by selecting targets and creating reference points. I was moving in the direction opposite to the upcoming quest, striking numbers of coordinates and a sign of "Jolly Roger" at selected locations.

03. Going to the estimated starting point. "P" - a park, next to a pedestrian bridge over the railway, and grass sticking red-white "pencil" with the number 1 - all on the map!

04. The inscription on the column in the frame does not hit, but it's there, it's a series of numbers c the letters N, and E. It also coordinates! It was good that I had with him turned out to be the navigator)))

05. Next in the bushes found a bird's nest.

06. Only one picture and immediately remove, so as not to scare away the birds.

07. And here is the pole with wires, we found it on the navigator. A pillar trim on the pirates written cherym marker coordinates of the next point!

08. Our next point. Bridge - just like on the map! Son saw him from afar. Mom also interesting)

09. clog the coordinates of the next point.

10. It seems that birch, and like and not the same!

11. High as the pirates made their mark! Dad barely able to get a hand)

12. And this is the next birch. The one next to the oak tree.

13. Here, in the upper part of the frame is clearly visible pirate recording in black marker.

14. Halt and snack.


16. Moving on.

17. On the road met a duck.

18. The penultimate point. Here is a concrete thing - to install a glass fence. Called the "FD-2", if someone does not know)))

19. Under the elbow in a child - "Jolly Roger" on the concrete.

20. We are close to the goal. Perhaps this is the stump!

21. The Scoop us with too happened to be))

22. Stump protected by a ferocious red ants.

23. Digging will be here!

24. There is something

25. Mysterious blue package.

26. Bundle. Heavy. Quickly we leave until the pirates are back!

27. Inside the convolution of a gun!

28. Iron with pistons!

29. The gun and caps, of course, not in the store packaging and wrapped in cloth. In the canvas, it is necessary to think.


31. Babakhan loud. The walk was a success!

32. The last photo. Honestly, I thought it was me such a crazy father, to arrange "Quest of the day" for your child. As it turns out, no! Recently, "Yap" were similar theme from foreigners that actually spodviglo me to write this post. Thank you for attention!



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