Treasures of wrecks

The remains of about three million shipwrecks scattered around the bottom of the ocean. And along with these debris in the depths of the sea depths hide real treasures that are periodically researchers or simple fishermen - gold coins, bronze statues, jewelry and much more.

Wreck near the bay Salkombe
Perhaps this is one of the most ancient shipwrecks in the world. Merchant ship engaged in transportation of copper and tin ingots More 900 BC Found load is evidence that in ancient times was developed commerce.

Belitung wreck of
Arabian ship sank back in the year 820, and found it was a fisherman off the coast of India in 1998. On the ship was found numerous gold and silver objects Tang Dynasty, as well as pottery, made in a single copy. All the treasures were counted in the amount of 80 million $.

Ship SS Central America
The American ship sunk in 1857. 153 people, mostly women and children, were able to escape, the other 400 people aboard the ship were killed. Together with them, sank about 15 tons of gold mined during the California gold rush. Lost Treasures estimated at about 100-150 million $.

Sunken Treasure Antikythera
Sunken antique Roman ship was discovered in 1901 in the Aegean Sea near the island of Antikythera. Divers for sponges managed to get a bronze statue of the young men, and many other artifacts. Also found on the ship Antikythera mechanism, used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies. The cost is estimated to be discovered treasures 120-160 million $.

Ships S.S. Republic
Off the coast of Georgia marine treasure was found in the amount of $ 120-180 million. In the holds of the ship sank were found thousands of gold coins twenties allocated for reconstruction of the Southern states after the Civil War of 1861-1865.


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