How I found the treasure with German dishes

For a long time it was not about the treasure. I'll tell you how I found the treasure of the German dishes.
Since 1944, the German population fled in haste to Germany from the territory of modern Kaliningrad. Burying things in the gardens, in the hope of return.
The treasure was found April 2, 2014 in the German abandoned farm in the garden, among the overgrown small trees.

Here is a place on the map: Location treasure

He was buried in a clay pot, covered with enamel basin. You can see in the picture.

Pot pulled. In the land of the pot was lined with crystal saucers. As they are not cracked from time to time do not know, probably helped a clay soil.
More Top pot was covered with glass saucer, porcelain, and silver for fruits (fruit dish)

Here are the contents of the pot. Visible glasses, glasses. Some are beaten.

Here are photos of dishes.

And photo stamps.

That silver-plated cup fruit.

That's all packed and ready for removal.

The find brought home. My friend with whom we found this whole thing, starts to strainer.
In the pictures you can see how the goose oversees the process. (A goose is not real !!)

Broken too clean. Straight in the same basin found

That's all washed off and decompose.
The dish can even see the plastic spoon and fork.



It was decided to wash even in the dishwasher.

An hour later, the dishwasher is over. I folded on the table. Cat Came Asik, checked everything.

A little psychedelic.


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With this treasure finished.
As a bonus, more show another treasure found me in the fall of 2013.

Iron barrels were hidden in the yard under a tree defunct German farm.

15 decanters, three vases, two glasses.


Washed vase.

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Everything. I Graduated.


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