On the run

- Do not you regret that married?
 - What am I not a man, or what? Pity him, of course.

That is something that, as a cactus bitten I did not expect
see on your desktop after a corporate party ...

A polite refusal. Sorry dear, but somehow I do not see you on his neck.

Dog running after cars are souls fired cops!

Depression is most successfully treated sexually ...
Just do not exercise, please medicate!

Better ashamed than ever.

It sets out a quarrel with his wife, think carefully -
10-15 minutes you get tired of swearing, and she - no!

 - Sweetheart, and this soup, it is that yesterday?
 - I even more to say to you, he also tomorrow!

And I go to Sochi for 15 years, I have 15 pictures with a monkey! When I put their houses in a row, I can see how it ages

As the ancient Chinese wisdom, can justify any nonsense ancient Chinese wisdom.

In Moldova, for the second child the government provides a bag of cement. But it can only be spent on education.

The guy at the reception okulista.Okulist:
 - I think you need to stop to masturbate.
 - And why is that?
 - It prevents me from you inspect

It seems that even the neighbors wallpaper glue using the perforator.

At the planning meeting:
It's not just hot! This is very urgent! And it must be done not today or tomorrow, and SUDDENLY!

 - Can you imagine me yesterday maniac attacked!
 - Sexual?
 - Yes, not very ...

As a child I dreamed that I took a handsome prince ... Now, I think my husband dreamed that I took a handsome prince ...

The best graduate of the year at the school managers managed to establish wholesale supply of pork from Israel to Afghanistan!


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