What to eat in the most expensive country in Europe?

Writes puerrtto:
Thread the power travels is always relevant. In some countries we fear poisoned banal, in other foods is already very insipid. With regard to Iceland, all would be well if it were not for the high cost. For a long time Iceland proudly carried the flag of the most expensive countries in Europe, until they knocked down the crisis and the exchange rate of the crown fell to CZK 100 for 1 euro to 160 kroner today. This has made the country much cheaper and now the price level roughly equivalent to the Norwegian. There is a good theory: getting Scandinavian living wage in Thailand, but it is a utopia. All my friends who have visited Iceland in one voice saying: "Sasha, secured and hold the pocket more - it is not a country for budget tourism." Reconnaissance I spent the first day of arrival in Reykjavik, stroll to the nearby supermarket. Seen optimization has not increased, but did not cause panic: take Moscow prices in stores in Tver region and multiply by 1, 5 - here prices Iceland supermarket in a residential area. We were pleased with the price of fish only - here it is even slightly cheaper than in Moscow, especially my beloved salmon at a price of 10-12 euros per kilo. Bread from 4-5 euros for a loaf of bread, bananas 2, 5-3 euros per kilogram of cheese from 12-15 euros per kilo (yes, more salmon), a bottle of mineral water from the 1, 5 euros. But it's true only if you intend to cook for yourself. If you set their sights on restaurant meals, then in the pocket-ictinu keep gaining wider and courage -

I'm sure someone will object, saying that Iceland is not expensive and that he calmly ate hamburgers from McDonalds all week stay. If you are satisfied with such power, the Icelandic McDonald's "only" 2, 5 times more expensive than Moscow. The fact of the power of this blatant byakoy we do not even discuss. I can understand and accept the forced food at McDonalds somewhere in a very dirty and wretched country, but to eat burgers in Europe is mauvais ton. Or am I wrong?


If we are going to eat a human being, to use at least once a day a hot meal (first course, second) even when given two meals are usually included in the price breakfast, it will cost you 60-70 euros per day. Let me explain: mediocre soup will cost 10-15 euros, a meat dish 18-30 euros. Drink better not order at all, there is a glass of mineral water will be 4-6 euros. Icelanders take full advantage of the fact that far from civilization, you have a few options to eat. During the trip we were days when travel up to 500 kilometers, we saw the strength of 2-3 "kushatelnyh" places.

What to do?

We are completely cut off for himself restaurants. I simply did not ready for that one-third of the cost of travel on Iceland was the food. It is much more practical to buy groceries (semi-finished products) and those staying in hotels where there is a kitchen. Thus, buying a kilo of salmon and cook it, you have invested in this business 10-12 euros rather than 80-100 euros, as if the same amount of cooked and brought to you in the restaurant. Same thing: buy rice, potatoes and cook for themselves. During the day you can snack bananas, plus make yourself a sandwich with cheese or dried fish (or sausage - if you prefer). Thus, we first ate delicious and each day had a hot meal, and secondly the cost of food has decreased three times.



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