8 tips on how to act before the collision

Traffic police accident statistics published for the first half of 2013. The main types of accidents are collisions and assaults. Pay attention to the recommendations of how to act and behave behind the wheel in cases where the strike is inevitable.

Usually, the collision occurs when the vehicle becomes uncontrollable and the human response to prevent an accident is no longer enough.

Many drivers think in a stressful situation, first of all, about how to minimize the damage to the vehicle, and because of this, take the wrong decisions, which are sometimes fatal.
The most important thing in an emergency - is to save lives and health of people!
In the case of unavoidable accident the driver for a minimum period of time necessary to solve important problems: how to preserve life and health.

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1. First of all, if there is the possibility to warn other road users of the danger, an audible or visual signal

2. When the inevitability of a frontal collision, and if you are a passenger wearing a seat belt, quickly close her face, especially the eyes. Yes, this is no joke! That is what will help you to protect your face and eyes from injury.

3. If you are in a critical situation not wearing a seat belt, you should immediately go to the side located next to the passenger seat: this will avoid hitting the flying dangerous objects. Many serious and fatal injuries people get as a result of hitting it on the side of the car.

4. If you are the driver - try to remove his feet from the pedals away: may suffer from serious fractures of legs and feet.

5. If you face a side collision, strongly hold hands on the steering wheel or rail, or you can drop the car or on the door glass. At the same time be prepared to take appropriate action depending on the situation: it is possible, after the collision, the car would have to align the steering wheel, press the brake or the other.

Among novice drivers it is of the opinion that the rear impact is almost not dangerous, but it is a serious mistake. It is especially difficult in this situation has to those who have no head restraints in the car: as a result of the impact human head thrown back, but, as his body remains on the seat, it can lead to a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.

6. In case you notice the approaching vehicle from behind and realized that a collision is unavoidable (there is no place to be reconstructed, it is impossible to move down on a roadside and the like), place your hands at the wheel and be prepared to change direction immediately after impact, and use the brake pedal . You can avoid a collision by a sharp increase in speed (if permitted by traffic conditions).

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7. If you are standing at a crossroads, and see that the rear impact is inevitable, release the brake pedal (this will soften the blow), but then it immediately after the accident, to prevent the exit at the intersection (pedestrian crossing), or collision with a vehicle in front of you. Struggling place your hands against the steering wheel back - in the back of the seat and push the back of the head to the headrest.

8. In this case, press the horn and turn on the hazard warning lights to notify others about the imminent accident.




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