And you say Alligators do not fly

The Ka-52 and his friends, and friends not only in the exhibition Le Bourget 2013.

About the aircraft talked about drones, too ... As the couple talk about helicopters.
Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (a subsidiary of "Oboronprom", part of the State Corporation Rostec) together with "Rosoboronexport»
presented at the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget new reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" and the newest commercial Ka-62.
The pilots were flying with abandon, despite all sorts of machinations on the part of organizers and competitors on a static site near the Ka-52 was
it is impossible to pass through the crowd wanting to see him.

Will be 26 photos

Let us also take a look at it :)

Forgive me fans of aviation, but the story I want to start with one of the old joke :)

Two drug addict on the balcony smoking weed. So they feel good. Parish and all that.
-Krokodila See! - One says - a Green! Cool!
The second responds:
-I Told you, "Just do not exhale!" - There is a whole pack of crocodiles in fact, but you have only one!

2. No, the pack of crocodiles in the sky over Paris did not fly :) But Alligator flew :)

3. Premiere helicopter, which had never been demonstrated in the international arena (Bangalore do not believe), was held on the first day of the exhibition - 17 June.
During the demonstration flight of the Ka-52 "Alligator" performed lёtnuyu program filled with aerobatics, and became one
of the most memorable events of the Jubilee Air Show. What to remember? But it was better than the other :)

4.Ka-52 "Alligator" - all-weather combat helicopter use around the clock. It is designed to destroy armored and unarmored
ground targets, speed air targets and enemy troops at the forefront in the tactical depth, to meet the challenges of exploration and
Control group fighting attack helicopters.

5.K other advantages "Alligator" The security can be attributed the high crew, modern automated systems to facilitate
piloting, as well as ease of maintenance on the ground.

6. Helicopter prepared for flight, everything went according to plan, but contains the policy: (((
At the moment of taking off our car at the exhibition turned out to be the Prime Minister of France :( and we were not given take off :)

7. In the sky rose 2 representatives of the cat family.
Eurocopter Tiger / Tiger (Eng. Eurocopter Tiger) - a modern attack helicopter developed by the Franco-German consortium Eurocopter.

8. pose premiere washed away and the remaining osadochek ...

9. Then our flight "prevented" Sikorsky UH-60 "Black Hawk" (eng. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, literally: "Black Hawk Down") - the American multi-purpose helicopter.

10. As our experts - flight program "Black Hawk Down" has been completely copied from our summer program, well, God bless them :)
We still fly better :)

11. "Alligator" has a two-seat cab and can be piloted by any of the pilots. High flight performance achieved, including,
by coaxial arrangement of screws allow the helicopter to maneuver quickly in a confined space to occupy advantageous attacking position.

12. occupy the position for the start, the weather is not very good, but we still - we are all-weather :)

13. We fly!

14. Gloomy weather does not allow to capture all the beauty of his mission, so take advantage of photos obtained in another day of the air show.

15. Airbus A400 - Ka-52: I'll eat you :)

16. First, catch up! :)

17. The Ka-52 is equipped with two gas turbine engine VK-2500, providing the opportunity to fly at altitudes above 5,000 meters.
Also, the Ka-52 "Alligator" can be used in cold climates and in icing conditions.

18.Statichesky ceiling is 4,000 meters, which makes it possible to carry out the helicopter take off and land in hot climates and high altitudes.

19. Find Alligator :)

20.Demonstratsiya Ka-52, organized by the "Rosoboronexport" and "Helicopters of Russia" made a strong impression on the visitors of the exhibition and every day
I show it new opportunities again and again.

21. The helicopter crew - 2 persons. But let's leave the rest after the flight crew and make a small step from military technology to civilian ...

22. The stand of "Helicopters of Russia" placed a full-size mock-up of the new middle multipurpose helicopter Ka-62.
The first flight model of the Ka-62 will be submitted very soon - at the international aerospace show MAKS 2013.

23.Ka-62 - a unique project of holding "Helicopters of Russia" in the framework of international cooperation with European partners, who are now working
on the creation of individual components and assemblies for the new helicopter.

24.Zavershenie certification of the Ka-62 are expected by the end of 2014, and mass production of cars should start in 2015.
Initial customer - Brazilian company Atlas Táxi Aéreo.
Shop the helicopter large and roomy enough, on the model it was represented by its passenger version.

25. The Ka-62 is equipped with two turboshaft engines latest Ardiden 3G French company Turbomeca.
The gearbox and transmission to the helicopter to supply the Austrian company Zoerkler. They say that aviaonika will be one of the best ...
Pozhivem- see :)

26. And now it feels, the helicopter crew says goodbye to you :)
To be continued :) ©

And extreme news about Russian helicopters
Congressmen opposed the purchase of the Pentagon Russian Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan



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