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September 9 would have been '83 since the birth of the famous actress of theater and cinema, People's Artist of the RSFSR Nadezhda Rumyantseva. The images created by her on-screen characters are simple with a cheerful disposition, ever resilient, loving life in all its manifestations. About the best roles Hope Rumyantsev read on.

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Talent Nadine manifested in childhood, so she dreamed about the scene. After school, she enrolled in GITIS, where reading a monologue Famusov in the entrance test, was seen OI Pyzhova, famous in those years, actress and director. That she "dragged" later VGIK young talent. By this time, Rumyantsev has appeared on stage in the role of transvestite, and also starred in a big movie. In the movie "Towards Life" (1952) she played the role of Spring Maroussi, and in the children's film "Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character" (1953), it appears as a sister of the protagonist.

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In 1954, she starred as a young pioneer, patriot Katie in the children's film "Sea Hunter┬╗:

Prior to her arrival in the studio theater actor in 1955, she starred in three films: in the adventure film "The Mexican," she appeared in the form Mae, played by Tamara in the "Son" and his namesake Nina in "Voices of Spring". Simplicity, honesty, openness, won the sympathy of her heroines

Before the first triumph was as Nastya Fedorenko in the film "The Sea Calling" (1956), Forest boy in the fairy tale "Star Boy" (1957), Irinka in the film "Gori, My Star" (1957), Ani, "next flight". < br />
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In the movie "intractable" (1959) she got the role of Nadia Berestovoy who tried to re-educate men leading unhealthy lifestyle:

Hope Rumyantsev also starred as Luba Solovieva from the film "Three times the resurrected" and Pepita in the "free wind" (1961).

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The first stellar role was the cook Toska Kislitsyna of comedy "Girls" (1961):

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This is a sample of living spontaneity, sincerity and genuine feelings, simple humor. Comedy "Girls", beloved by generations of Russians, does not lose its popularity today.

The next film was crowned "Queen of the petrol station" (1963). It Rumyantsev played Lubov Dobryyvecher.

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Girl with a lively character, which is not afraid of dust and dirt, bugs and gloomy chauffeur. She had all of the forces: and dressing to manage and learn to skate, and to conquer the hearts of men ...

No less interesting is the role of Masha Fedorova in the comedy "The hell with the portfolio" (1966). Her heroine so famously danced the twist that it wants to succumb to passion:

I remember it in the form of Rai Oreshkin comedy "Die Hard" (1966):

Voice of Hope Rumyantsev says Nina from "the Caucasian captive" Zita and Gita from the same movie, Maria in "The Sound of Music" and Nicole "How to Steal a Million", the characters of many Soviet cartoons: Swauk of the "Three Fat Men" Yegorushka "Boy-c Thumb "Monkey in the series" 38 parrots "Turtle from" Hedgehog Plus Turtle "Chicken of the" Village vaudeville ┬╗.

At the end of the 60s. the last century, there was a break in her cinematic career. The actress and her husband left diplomat VV Hishtoyanom abroad and after returning to the Soviet Union began to work leading to the Central Television. The Sunday program "Alarm Clock" was loved by many generations of Soviet children.

The latest roles become actress Aysha of "Wonderful Valley" (2004), Maria Ivanovna from "Unexpected Joy" (2005) and Alevtina from the "Village" (2008).

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