Odessa has built an exclusive Moskvich-2715

Odessa with his hands has converted an old "Moskvich" super car. To make the famous "pie", which were transported in the Union-mail and confectionaries, in the car of his dreams, Grigor Avetisyan has spent more than $ 100,000 and 11 years old.

He says jeep already interested in the Russian oligarchs - offer a million dollars. "You're working for a couple of months. In fact it is - Moskvich-2715, the same "pie" of it was only the first big letter "M" - nothing more to be seen, "- Gregory laughs.

"Bentley" or "BRABUS".
Huge wheels on wheels, skillful painting and tinting, luxurious leather interior beige noble - made tuning cars similar to "Mercedes Brabus". "The handles on the doors I put on 31 minutes of" Volga ", but they do not stick out from the top, and are recessed flush" - Avetisyan easily presses the lever, barely audible click is heard - not in our cars. Metal parts on the body perfect shine. It is not chromium is recognized as the owner, and the ordinary, highly polished stainless steel. From it are made by hand all, even the smallest bolts and all parts wherever possible, craftsman engraved logo Izhevsk car. Particularly the master cabin boasts handsome. He says he took the example of the "Bentley": slinky, which operate on a non-serial production of dozens of specialists, he has carried out a nugget for the year. That there is only homemade exclusive wheel made of oak, stainless steel and leather engraved with the company in the center - at the plant in such a skin dress about a day. Grigory took several months. Unlike the prototype, everything is done for the convenience of the driver and thought literally to the last detail. Glasses are raised automatically, and to fuel, no need to turn the tank cap - just press a brilliant lever prudently mounted at the helm.

Do not break in.
For the birth of a masterpiece avtostroitelnogo past five years, Gregory spent his nights in the studio, endlessly drawing sketches, and all money raised in its own shop on the winding engine blew on his creation. But the family did not take offense. "I am proud that I have such a father - no education, only one was able to do such hard work jewelry work. Initially, the car he did for my uncle. That pulled up, another, and then carried away, got a taste. My uncle bought a new car for a long time coming, he said: Come on, do not mess about with the wreck. My father kept saying: you'll see it! None such will not be, "- says Avetisyan Vachik son. That's just wonderful to travel jeep is not yet. "On such a machine no sane person would not go. I have so much time spent on it to somewhere on the way to me, God forbid, someone crashed. Never! In this, you can only admire, "- says Avetisyan.

The heart of the machine is made of stainless steel. Under the hood black hood - a work of art. Polished to gloss filling sparkling engraved autograph. "It's my name on the Armenian - Gogosh. And the signature is, of course, "- shows off the designer. According to him, on the radiator in the smelting went 10 thousand fixing washers, even a tank of coolant (usually plastic) are made of high-class steel. Due to alterations of various weight machines doubled, took two and a half times increase the power of the engine, otherwise the car is unlikely to be moved from the place - the owners of "Muscovites" and already often complained about the weakness of the unit. In "superpirozhke" engine capacity of 2, 4 dice. Jewellery statue adorns the hood of the eagle. Grigor Avetisyan said that he deliberately made the same as in the Russian coat of arms. "And I melted it from Russian kopecks. How many took the coins are not considered ", - says the master.

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