Childhood favorite artists

Victor Chizhikov: "For me it was always happiness to draw children's book».
He designed books and Barto Marshak, Chukovsky and Volkov, Mikhalkov and noses. Thousands of pictures, friends and those whose childhood coincided with the fifties - and those who read their first books in the two thousandth.
For half a century his illustrations appeared in magazines "Funny pictures", "Murzilka", "Crocodile". He has created world-famous character - Olympic bear Misha.
Being a children's artist Victor Chizhikova no one taught, he just always remembered that he was interested at a time when the trees were still high.

Will be 14 photos.

At school Chizhikov liked to draw illustrations for fairy tales, just for myself. Paints and pencils he signed because Victor - congenital color-blind, he does not distinguish between shades of red, brown, green and pink. But that never stopped him to create full of good humor and warm-heartedness drawings, recognizable by millions of readers.
September 26, in honor of the birth of Victor Chizhikova, collected illustrations and covers the most famous books, painted them. And as a bonus - a few short quotes and stories from the life of the artist.
Gianni Rodari. The Adventures of Cipollino.
"I liked to draw pictures with intrigue and massacre. The more people fighting, so interesting to me ».

Roots Chukovsky. Dr. Aibolit.

"There are books in which there is absolutely no humor. Such books also
I had to illustrate. Publishers liked to say: "What, too
sad? Give Chizhikov he usmeshnit. "

Hans Christian Andersen. Flint
"Children should be educated artist, to avoid mistakes. Once I saw a pattern ass with cloven hooves. I have seen an illustration to Nekrasov: horse pulling a cart brushwood, in a sleigh drawn by the most ridiculous way. There arc, but no collar. As the arc rests on shafts, is unclear. Instead, saddles and harnesses some nodules. This is not the pattern for children, because the child should immediately understand the design of the object, to understand how to harness the horses. "

Victor Chizhikov. Peter and Potap
 - You are a fool.
- The fool.
It was my first subject in the magazine "Crocodile", which I did illustrations

Victor Chizhikov. Our brush with you

"Generally I'm not a lyricist at heart, I'm a great joker. But this does not mean that in my life I do not feel the lyrics. "

Vitya Maleev at school and at home
The first book I illustrated, the book was Viti Dragoon "The Mystery of the pram." Once I went to the publishing house "The Kid" and heard wild laughter from the room chief editor. I ask - who's there? This, they say, Dragoon. So I met a very humorous man, whom I know. "

Victor Dragoon. Mystery pram
"I worked at Krokodil - humor magazine for adults with a crocodile on the cover, smoking his pipe. Later, however, he gave up smoking crocodile. By order of the Party. "

Agnes Barto. It was my grandmother forty grandchildren

Zoya Alexandrova. My Bear

Alexander Volkov. The Wizard of Oz




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