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Usually, people are divided into those who are crazy about dogs, and those who can not live without cats. If you belong to the latter, this post is for you, but the first there, what to see. The fact that under the cut, you will see some of the most incredible and sometimes just funny products for cat owner. Some of these things may seem useless, but it's better to take them as interesting - suddenly need to make an unusual gift to Aunt Zina, who loves her Barsika more than you?

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1. Cat's bed in the form of a huge (rubber!) Sneaker. Crocs, though ugly, but very comfortable shoes. Even cats can now see this.

2. Translator cat who allegedly (according to the Japanese producers) understands the language of cats. Well, this cat is clearly said, "Come on Get that thing away from me, little man!»

3. Super-stylish denim dress. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you like to dress up your cat, but no self-respecting representative of the cat family never wear denim overalls. He hides the shape and fur!

4. Wheelchair for cats. Well, all of a sudden you do not have enough stunned looks from passers-by.

5. How do you know that your cat purrs when she is far away, and you do not hear? This dog collar lights up when the cat begins to purr. Why learn what your cat purrs? We have no idea ...

6. Digital Diary pet. Most likely, this instance for dogs, but cats he is also nice. Imagine how your recording will look Barsika ...

7. New in 2013 - a game for those who are tired to carry the fingers under the blanket to attract the attention of his moustached pet. In addition, the fingers under the blanket can sometimes "fall victim" overheated hunter.

8. The quickest way to get your cat to hate myself - to tie his head like a inflatable devil horn. Soon after Halloween!

9. The turret with a laser. Indeed, to keep the laser pointer in his hand too hard.

10. Soap bubbles with the scent of catnip. See how your cat kicks.

11. Indeed, why cut the nails if they can make up?

12. Many hamster ... I mean, sorry, cat wheel.

13. Cells in the yard as a circus tent. All of us sometimes feel Kuklachev.

14. The system of schooling for a cat to a human toilet. To find out how it works, see the included DVD - certainly there are a lot of cats scatting.

15. Camera "cats eyes". In principle, the interesting thing.

16. Warning! The thing without which no cost, no self-respecting cat! This artificial testicles, more precisely, their imitation. What? Well, you castrated cat, but he's also wants to feel like a man!

17. Luxury cat wig.

18. Or here's another - option for buntarok.

19. The robot for cleaning cat litter. I wonder whether your Barsik dare to go there?

20. Collar «Amour de la Mer» ... 899 000 dollars! It 600 diamonds and a belt made of ostrich skin.

21. Crocheted "otkusannye fingers", filled with catnip. Indeed, teaching a cat to become a murderer from an early age.



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