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November 6, 1943 - the day of the liberation of Kiev.

Reporting filmed 70 years later, during one of the largest military and historical reconstruction "Battle for Kiev».

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2. Hello, my dear mother! Announce that today live healthy, I am at the front, destroy German bastard and drive them to the west. Free the native towns and villages, release the fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers from the German nightmare. Mom, yesterday I was in a very difficult fight, but that fight I showed how to fight for Ukrainian children of their sacred homeland; in front of my unit were hundreds of German soldiers and officers ...

3. Who is in the area of ​​fronts, but still do not participate in the battles, because our time has not yet come. This is the time used for further training and development of its weapons and equipment that would act in battle masterfully and skillfully. Commander gives us the task of achieving the title of the Guards, and the data we have to have it.



6. My dear mother, I really missed home, but somehow get used to it. Mom, please send as a small parcel, and more if there is a bit of money. Yes, paper and pencil, try as soon as possible.

7. Hello dear parents. Hello brothers and sisters. Congratulations to you (though late) on the upcoming May 1st. I wish you the best of success in your life. This letter I write to you from the dense forest. We are now a real spring with all its charms, inspiring the consciousness of every rapid defeat of the German hordes. I inform you that I am alive and well, this is the how you see me off ... It is almost a month since I have not received any letters from home ...



10. Just got back from the front line of battle and under excitation writing to you. Do not touch me now kind of death and did not want to bend bullets and shells. Maybe it's fatalism, but his own life is so insignificant value that you do not notice much. However, the surrounding care, but a matter of chance though ahead, though 10 miles behind.





15. I am now in the battle, is alive and well, and what you wish. August 8 was wounded by grenade fragments in the head, arm, right thigh, legs and buttocks, but all this nonsense, I was just a little scratched, now I feel good. 25th received a letter from Boris, for which many thanks to him, but to answer it, I can not - there is no paper, and the paper and an envelope that I write to you, I took the murdered Fritz, took Parabellum, but gave one of the guys because bad ammunition.

16. Hello, dear Anna and cute daughter Galichka! Greetings to you, Daddy and Mummy. Anna, your letter received. And yesterday I was like a holiday from you received two letters and then from Ivanova from Fedik. As I wrote, the whistle of bullets and tear shells and mines now do not bother me. If there is a break, it seems that as if something is missing. I am very glad, Anya, that you and I have a nice little minx growing Gal. I wish I could look at it and play with it. Yet now the seventh month, as I have not seen her. And you, Anya, I am also reminded of it every day. I remember how we lived together, yes otdyhali.Nu the time comes, we will again be all together.




20. Hi, Mom! I really miss you, miss you at home. The commander of the strict and harsh, but you can negotiate with him. Our unit has already conquered a couple of important towns captured by the Germans. In these battles, we lost a few soldiers, which is very mourned.
I often think of you, Mom, especially before the fight ... I'm afraid I will not be back and will never see you again. Do you often dream of me in a white coat with daisies, are you talking about me breakfast, gently udybayas and your blue eyes shining. I hope that still come back from the war, I could hug and kiss.


22. Thank you very much for your letter, I was very pleased to learn that my dear sister I have not forgotten. My dear girl! Our part-reptiles beat Fritz firmly on the Guards, and then we were on vacation, and now again they will receive from us on the first number.



25. Dear Daddy!
... I voluntarily went to the Red Army. The first time the habit hard. Now used to it. All included in its track. I enrolled in a field hospital.
The mood is great, I want to hurry to the front ... I think that at a time like this, you can not sit around and goof off. It is necessary to gain the right to life.
... Was scientists in the field for five days. Dragged "wounded", was connected: my handy skill to ride a horse. Legs currently erased in the smoke, but nothing. Still, however, a little limp, but a great sense of satisfaction you made the case. Our separation was submitted from the command of gratitude for the excellent work.
Write more often. I will abandon my laziness and also will often write.
Kisses to you both tightly.
Cards will soon be ready, be sure to come.

26. My dear family! Hard to you all and embrace the whole. I'm alive and well, feel good. Presented yet another Order. Wrote in the newspaper again. Been fighting well. Likewise, my comrades. Soon the end of the war. Wait, I'll come after the war. Hard to you all and embrace the whole

All ... To be continued ...



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