Cosmetic tank (20 photos)

In Trubchevsk district of the Bryansk region in autumn 2011 was carried out restoration work on the tank IS-2.
But first a little story about the tank battle troops of the Bryansk Front.

At the end of August - September 1941 in the vicinity of Trubchevsk, between the Sudost and gums, held largely decide the outcome of the fascist offensive tank battle troops of the Bryansk Front and Army Group "Center" of the Wehrmacht. Turned multiday bloody battles. The commander of the Bryansk Front, Lieutenant-General Andrei Ivanovich Eremenko from the first day of creation of the front began to take measures to organize the counter-attack and counter-attacks on all sectors of the front. Four infantry divisions received a combat order to make a counter-attack towards Trubchevsk - Pohar, Voronsky. 108 Panzer - to leave the area Orekhovskiy, Polovtsian, Sudost cross the river and passing through Posudichi, hit the rear to break into the German Panzer Corps Ukraine. At the same time the 47th Panzer Corps Guderian led offensive on Pochep on Mostocheno, Trubchevsk. Our infantry divisions, initially had success on Sudost tanks were stopped and began to retreat in the direction of the gums Trubchevsk. It creates a threatening position. With the capture of the enemy Trubchevsk not only went to the rear of the two armies of the front, but also got the operating room. The direction of Eagle - Tula - Moscow was opened. Commander immediately creates a mobile group commander who appoints his deputy, Major-General Arkady N. Ermakova. It includes 141 Panzer Brigade Colonel PG Chernova, 4th Cavalry Division Colonel FA Parkhomenko and is already near 108 Posudichey Panzer colonel SA Ivanov. Now near Trubchevsk have Pikurinsky village, erected a memorial of military glory. It is located just at the site of a powerful tank battle where in the fields to the south and southeast of this memorial came together in a deadly battle of more than 300 German and 250 Soviet tankov.Nado noted that in those days Eremenko actively used and the Air Force front. In late August he receives the 1st Air Group backed the Supreme Commander and several regiments of long-range bomber aircraft. Starts largest air operation. After the war, Marshal Eremenko offered August 31 to consider the beginning of the massive use of our bombers in World War II. On that day, the enemy had collapsed 4,500 bombs and shells. For the first time since the beginning of the war Soviet pilots in the sky have superiority over the enemy. Switched to the stubborn defense and infantry divisions, consisting in including workers Ivanov, Moscow, Smolensk, Tver. Thus began at Trubchevsk Roslavlsky-offensive Novozybkov Bryansk Front. And by the middle of September 1941 the enemy was virtually nothing to fight in these places. Every four of five Guderian's tanks were hit. In Trubchevsk Nazis lost more than 10 thousand soldiers and officers, 150 aircraft and 800 vehicles and other equipment. Foothold on the east bank of Sudost, our troops held the front until the end of September, winning such a valuable time to prepare the defense of Moscow. After the Victory soldiers 137th Rifle Division will remember that such violent German attacks in September 1941, at Trubchevsk they have not seen throughout the war. A favorite of the Fuhrer, Colonel-General Heinz Guderian wrote in his memoirs about the battles between Pochep and Trubchevsk: "... Here we first encountered the fanatical resistance of Russian».

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