European integration in a single Kiev entrance

In recent years become increasingly popular theme that you can do something yourself. I often come to mind such thoughts, and I usually do not stop. If you already came into our heads so climb up. Now, for example, I dig a pond on a summer residence in their spare time :)

So it was with a porch in the summer. First, the noise bothered the elevator in the apartment and each time for a smoke, I dream on what would paste over the wall adjacent to the entrance to reduce the noise. House nine-usual "Czech».

Second, much infuriated communications box on the ceiling and the wires from it. Somehow providers are not much concerned about the aesthetics of these issues.

Third, the tiles on the floor and places pootkleivalas crumble, but this is normal because kakby GEC repairs done recently.

Well, stuff like: painted elevator, spat upon the wall, to the chute scared to approach - I think it makes no sense to describe long - most entrances look that way.

A couple of times seen the reports on this subject in the network, including the notorious samiznaetekogo. But the practical benefits of them were not very good. much as It does basically all the hands of the workers.

I started with the fact that shifted tiles. At that time, I have thought of taking pictures so only a brief description. The process of laying tile all clear, but there are nuances.

I tried to remove and clean off the tile that is. Thus I kept about half of the tile, but it's a lot of work Pts - simply buy a new one.
I tried to maintain more or less the living part of the screed that is not quite the sand, but it's complicated life in the future - it is easier to knock down all the plates.

Well, the main difficulty - is people. 6 apartments here and there goes - you have all the pieces to do for a long time. Often they come and spoil the work. Elevator.

From the restoration of the elevator inside until I abstained. With difficulties. From the outside grinder cleaned off the dirt and shot down wooden slopes, as not found a way to improve them as ever.

Slopes exposed openings and then began the first time :) The people began to complain. First, the chairman, then the lifters. As a result, the lift disabled. It took a long time to convince that you can turn off only on one floor.

However, to honor predsedatelshi must say that it is well done. She said, do not pay attention to complaints - do.

The most popular question that I have heard in the course: Why do you need it? then a long empty, then the question: This will always do so? Slopes elevator decided to gradually increase. The process is not as fast in one layer does not distribute a lot, but I had a lot of scraps of drywall and various mixtures renovated apartment.

Yes, at first it was hard to believe that it is possible to make the entrance of the soviet something normal Bole-mall.

The result had been here this intermediate result. To increase about 15 cm on each side. I just like straight slopes - so so.

In this photo, I slipped a little forward to poazat slopes, but before putty wall must be removed previous layers of paint. Many layers of paint.

Yes, it turned out that the elevator doors of different colors.



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