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Revised and enlarged.
Actually, rereading his old notes and came across this one that's a shame, I wrote about a year ago. I blushed, turned pale, and decided to mend.
So, friends, let's forget about the Maidan, chocks, gas, parties, etc. and we talk about what we all like - about women. And who does not like a theme - that we are not one and can go to the forest.
And the women of simple, those who walk the streets and ride with us in the same bus. Unfortunately, I did not do for those who drive a Lexus and Wears Prada ...
All photos are used with the consent of the girls depicted on them. So there you go.

For moralfagov - I do not think the nomination of his personal life to show something shameful. In the end, I'm not your home videos spread here.

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The first and main problem of China - a Chinese woman.
Or rather, did not they, and their absence.
Explain. All because of the devil-machine called ultrasound. The Chinese do not want to have a baby-girl. They do not want and that's it. Doctors threatened withdrawal of the license is forbidden to report the child's sex prospective parents, but still reported.
Today, if an elementary folded 2 +2, single left 200 million Chinese men. That's more than the entire population of Russia.
Therefore, if there is light at a Chinese girl and she's cute, it quickly turns into ... But this post.
Take a look at the photo and the usual group of kindergarten. I'm around the squares of all the girls in the group.

The girl can not help his father at work. The girl will go to another family. On the girls alone costs - that's the usual arguments Chinese.
But if the stars were formed so that the girl still born, it immediately bore down heap of temptations.
Here it should be understood that & quot; right & quot; - Is 17-18 years. There was a map of the newly onset of sexual activity in the world, China is 22-23 years. With this, in principle, not argue.
When she is released from the school if it is quite nice, in her head only cartoons and posting new fotochek in the QQ and Weibo. I am not kidding. 23-25 ​​Summer "girls" look Xiyangyang (by the way, cool cartoon xD) and fotkat a TA.

You can just run an experiment - to collect group photos of Chinese uni and photos of the local nightclubs. If the club pretty girls - rule within the university - it is rather an exception.
In connection with this first dilemma. Find a girlfriend living, reliable and correct, but not so hot, or throw a bunch of money on the club girls.
Noticed a strange pattern - club girls always whirled on me money.

And another and another. What's the funniest thing - if you give them money, they do not have enough imagination to ensure that fun fun. Their only enough to hang around in the afternoon shopping, and evening drinking all sorts of rubbish in the club and studded phone.
TELEPHONE, bleat !!! This is the second national evil.
The Chinese are even as small children - very easy to be tempted (maybe that's why the only system in which they are developed - with rigid totalitarian framework). Everyone remembers the Opium War, the Chinese always easy hooked on drugs, get down all gambling. Children, in a word.
Then came mobile phones. No, I have three of them (I work in a company dealing with applications for mobile phones), I actively buy my news, play games. But it's nothing compared to how much time for telephone wire Chinese.
I woke up - in your phone. Date with a girl - and both sit in utyknulis phones. The company came to the birthday karaoke - one sings and the other ten are stuck in the phone.
Same thing with the girls. If you are invited Chinese woman on a date, and she is constantly looking to the phone, and sometimes responds inappropriately - do not worry, it is very good to you ...

Pay attention to the hairstyle. Short-haired girl most recently broke up with a guy.

Feed them with our food. Firstly, they are thrilled by the fact that there are men who are prepared. Secondly, they are thrilled by the fact that there are men who do not consider them as being inferior.
And most importantly, bleat, the main thing (still far from the end), feed them lettuce!

Whether they have a vitamin deficiency, then what else, but the usual Greek salad - the path to the heart of Chinese women. Tested repeatedly, it works 100%.
Oh, and do not forget the sandwiches ...

Let's go back to the places missing.
Nobody says that good girls do not go to bars and clubs. They are there. But they come to your company, leaving the company and to get acquainted not usually located.
Another important fact - the average Chinese person thinks a woman thing. If every woman in Europe and America-Chancellor and Secretary of State will not surprise anyone, in China it is - nonsense. The role of women - keep house and look after children.
It is projected onto the relationship. The Chinese buy my girls (most often). Once I rescued a girl from a Chinese (as a child take a piece of candy, honestly ... You just have to say a few compliments and feed the salad. Ha ha). His arguments, when we beat each other and sat down to smoke - "Why she chose you, I buy everything she wants." Such examples are plenty.

The same goes for sex. Sleeping Chinese club as a soldier of the Prussian army - lack of initiative and subject to the commands. As well as contacts with the club girls rarely last more than a couple of days, nothing to teach (Xia) does not work.
It is quite another thing - to get acquainted with the inexperienced student, and turn all kinds ruchechki Shpuntik and configure the ideal machine. Then it will reward you handsomely.

The logical question - and how to meet them. As for the spirit - no idea. Total is the first to a girl, I did not come even once.
When see a girl, you are interested in - take a pose "Pythagoras, Archimedes thought about that thinking about Diogenes" and it is important to look into the distance. I have it triggered a 90% chance.
Do not hurt them - they are like children ...

And most importantly - do not wear a hat to them Chinese peasants. From this they zvereyut-)
That's all I wanted to say. I understand that not all vyskazhesh, so ask questions, but without overt vulgarity (they will be later in the "strawberry" haha)

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