Parental ignorance of the diagnosis in a child

Dear friends, associates and colleagues, most Sit in convenient at screens monitors your magic! Now I'll tell you one cognitive and instructive story, which, thank God, has every chance in the near future to end well for her protagonists.


It began with the fact that I recently went on a "small home" in Zaporozhye - stay with relatives. Fortunately - it was an occasion - the birth of granddaughter (niece gave birth). As usual - organized a small party, which met with the relatives "on both sides" as well as "friends of the family."
It was amidst all this company, one couple - a friend's niece, her husband and their six year old son (in September went to the first class).
As I sat next to them, I witnessed the strange behavior of the child. The boy and then ran around the room, while making several times a kind of ritual, he ran for the holiday table to standing at the window Domestic floor scales (expectant mother regularly weighed), getting at them, weighed, and then took the sill binoculars looked through the window, I put him in his place, then he ran to the kitchen, slamming the refrigerator door, and then went into the bathroom and quickly washed his hands. Finally, he went into the next room, came to standing on the desk old one music center «AIWA», included it a few times and turn the disc tray, and then, turn the unit off, he came back to his place at the banquet table.
I spotted at the time: the monotonous ritual was repeated 12 times in an hour! It was not a "normal" hyperactivity, however, all those present, as it were accustomed to the "strangeness" restless child.
Such action in the evening would have continued further, but the room where the stereo was in bed sleeping newborn girl. She is one point woke up - hungry. Start to submit their ring tones newly founded mummy. She gladly accepted to meet the physical needs of the new member of society. At the same time, it closed with her in the room that no one bothered them.
That was then, and there was a crash, "the production cycle." The boy began to worry about sharply - procedure in his ritual was disrupted. I started to panic!
The kid tried at first to compensate the precipitated "link" access to the corridor, but there was nothing he represents any interest is not found.
It is a mental illness (neurosis) called "Obsessive-compulsive disorder," which is often found in children under the age of six.
Multiple repetition of the same action, the ritual words (thinking), obsessions - constant checking "everything is closed off, laid flat, washed clean." More details about these and other symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder you can find anywhere, I turn to the main storyline of the story.
Finally, when all attempts to make up for lost segment of the absurd "quest" the boy is not successful, he began particularly blunt.
At first he tried to drive away unceremoniously guests seated on the couch-transformer and put it, made him a bed. All indignant, while they did not alarming fact of the inadequate behavior of the child. All adults were somehow believe that this is just "cute childish prank at a party." And they themselves would-be parents to spank his son's ass baton. Apparently, the child was not hurt badly, but his "Siren" scared the baby in the next room. Beginning of a great children's hysterical. Baby behind the wall quickly calmed down, and the boy still did not let up. At first, I was thinking that he was "working on the audience." But quickly changed his mind when his mother was already very much struck him several times on the ass hand and then gave his lips with his hand. There is a small literally went into a stupor. For a moment he was silent, either from severe pain, whether from unexpected and inadequate action on the part of the mother. After this pause, the child fell to the floor and started beating him with hands and feet, and most importantly - with full force fought head on the hardwood floor. I hurried to pick it up off the floor, while he himself is not completely "ushatal." The response of the parents I was just stunned - "Come on, he always does at strangers, you see - he did not buy a toy!»
Small still crying in my arms, a festive mood at the beginning of all the present disappears. Released from the bedroom niece demanded silence - my daughter fell asleep. I ordered the boy out of the room to the kitchen. After some time sitting on my lap, he calmed down, sobbing and hiccuping hard. I'm in such cases try in fewer words to comfort the children, otherwise they would have cried for a long time, requiring an additional portion of mercy "to his loved ones."
When the tantrum has passed, I have tried to shift the focus on the kid something distracted - showed him my internet tablet with a toy "car racing". It quickly took all thoughts troubled child. Not for long. After about 10 minutes, he got up from the table in the kitchen and went to the plate in the room where the guests. At first I thought that he wanted to show parents the plate and try to cajole myself the same toy-rattle in such cases act all normal children. But I was wrong.
The boy was not "all." He made his way back to the scales, weighed and then walked over to the window sill, put the plate, took a pair of binoculars ...
At that stage, when the boy went back to the bedroom to once again include a music center, I stopped him and asked why he was doing? The surprise of the child was not the limit: - "Sho am I doing?" I tried as much as possible goodwill and lucidly explain the absurdity and senselessness of such actions. The boy did not realize that this "this". Then I proposed to change the "trajectory" - start with washing your hands, but not in the bathroom and the kitchen. What he heard a categorical refusal: - "Hands should be washed in the bathroom, and after a pair of binoculars!" It was also found that the action it performs for the past several months. And none of the adults is not responding - neither parents nor their friends or teachers at school.
Somehow I was able to deliver that evening the boy from compulsive syndrome - just keep it near him and distracting game on the tablet.
When the festive seating pobuhalka-over and the guests had left, the niece told me that his parents regularly have started to put in a corner, often beaten for such "foolish pranks." Moreover, it became clear that the aggravation of neurosis occurs mainly at foreign people. Obviously, this is for a child is a stressful moment, which gives a boost to those "unconditioned reflexes».
Two days later, I again drove to visit a niece - helped her husband to rearrange the furniture and connect a new washing machine. I went girlfriend - the mother of "strange" boy. I already "broken" atmosphere tried to explain the seriousness of the problem with her son, but she categorically brushed off all my reasons and arguments. She insulted my words that the boys need to see a psychiatrist to the appointed treatment until over time, these deviations did not develop into a stable and progressive disease. But here and my niece came to the defense "rightness" of his girlfriend. Did not help my suggestions even know anything about this obsessive-compulsive disorder from the Internet ... like peas on the wall ...

The final. Apotheosis. I have returned to Kiev, even managed to forget about the events in Zaporizhia. But yesterday (16 December) called niece. Are invited to the christening and Christmas, like "the way", he started talking about the son of his girlfriend.
Just on Monday the boy made his next "adventure", but already in school. At this time it has not done "cute antics". Obsessions finally "ushatali" delicate child's mind - this turned out to be even a first grader "Mythbusters." First, he began to spread the change to "change shoes" classmates of bags and set along the wall in the classroom, and then right in the classroom started messing switches overhead lighting. On the requirement of teachers to stop, he did not respond, and then completely threw a tantrum. I had the mother off from work and take the boy home. The school psychologist is strongly "recommended" to be examined by a psychiatrist, if the mother wants to continue the son went on to study at the school.
That's niece and decided to ask me the name of "a mysterious disease" - girlfriend ashamed to call me herself.


And finally: if the parents of the child were able to recognize the symptoms early, most likely they would not have started this process. This applies not only to mental disorders.
The problem was that these parents, despite the fact that both are "inflated" education - "Economist" and "thermal power", they completely do not know the minimum basic knowledge not only in medicine and pedagogy, but also do not want to develop "related discipline" promote the healthy development of their child. Guided by the principles that "should not clog the head of the scientific information that is not useful in the work" and "mama raised me as well."
And the diagnosis "total ignorance" is observed in the majority of young people (parents) "perestroika" and "post-perestroika" generations - 1986-1996 birth.
Compared with previous generations, deriving medical knowledge of the few periodicals, reference books and TV program "Health" (with Belyanchikova) scientific medical information is now available in more than a thousand times, but had lost her ability to gift wisely use. Bypass small - Malyshev. "This is the norm»?

As a graphic illustration syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, citing the famous "Baian" video about the "forgetfulness" of motorists. In it a young person commits a "mandatory ritual" around his car - a certain amount of time pulls the door handles (including myself). No, he does not forget that they "checked". Simply, he is "obliged" to dial a certain "checksum" - exactly 11 times. And only then he will be able to calm down and step away from the machine.



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