Mathematics of the Ministry of Economy

A couple of days ago, once again came across the line "growth of the purchasing power of the population." Well, at least here. Boldly. I do not know what data operate in the Ministry of Economic Development. Especially because they have there fun reference to time coordinates. Take some arbitrary interval, easy to confirm a trend, and drove off. Offer to take the length of time since the introduction of hryvnia.
Introduction of our currency in circulation was held September 2, 1996 at the rate of 1, 8 hryvnia to the dollar. To date, this ratio (smile) 8, 1 for the same dollar.
Does anyone remember how many loaves of bread social, you could buy then one hryvnia? Prompt - 3, 12. Slightly more than thirty cents worth. Today - 0, 25 loaves. And you could buy 1, 72 liters of gasoline 95. Who - 0 09. Cool. It is clear that it is only two products. But very revealing. On the other, basically, is about the average result is obtained.
Now on salaries. About real. Yes, during that time (1996 to 2013), they rose in Ukraine 5, 26 times. America beats in hysterics. They have over the same period increased only pochasovka something pathetic in 1, 6 times. However, the purchasing power of the dollar in the States themselves during this period decreased by 1, 48 times. That is, all the same, we have 0, 12. And our hryvnia shrunk to 15, 79 times. That is, even to share and do not want to subtract. But this is utter nonsense. The most important thing - the salary has grown! Who is to blame, that devalues ​​all three times faster? Buy smarter than necessary, wasting faster. To support domestic producers. That's the way out.
But on the purchasing power of Ukraine is on the 34th place in Europe from 42. And it is unlikely in the near future will increase. And out of this more and more people see through the terminal airport "Borispol".


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