Russian virus.

Here I am trying to tell you about it. Russia can not win. Two weeks in Russia - and pizdets- been drawn to play the balalaika and the bear to feed vodka.
A month after the complete occupation of the Russian elite unit seals ...
No response.
No response ...
-And Where this obnoxious orderly hanging around! John Bishop your mother!
-Hule Che! Why is the location of the bears go?
 - And Che? Whore means can walk, but bears no? Vodka brought.
 - Oh fuck! And where vodka?
 - In the storeroom, epta! The last time left on the street - all probuhala reconnaissance and sold two Abrams tanks to the farmer as it is - kolhozniku.
 - And fuck his tanks? He is a terrorist?
-Traktorist He EBA mother. Sowing him and the tractor broke down. There he is on the field - plowing.
 - And that over the field makes our drone?
 - There's still a hemp sown, and that, not accidentally plowed crops, we are positioning.
 - So here and there ????
hemp  - Won the bag is ... just be careful, it is evil - not childish touches. Yesterday, the instructor of fighting smoked ...
 - And what happened to him?
 - I tried to fight with the bear.
On May shit! He died?
 - Bear?
 - Know, our instructor!
 - Charlie is? Not at all! First he Nakuru bear and they were laughing half with an animated cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. Then Charlie Bear taught to dance tango. Then they drank vodka and went to the contest balalaika solo program.
 - Oh my God! Where are the guys? Trained?
 - No! They help farmers planting.
 - Why ????
-Farmers promised to teach them to "boil brew»
Th -So you just do not say! I go for help, too.
 - Mikey!
Yes !?
 - You Come to the warehouse - there take a dozen shovels for the farmer and three bags of fertilizer.
 - And how do we fertilizer?
 - I do not know, our Kapterev took to the aid of the ensign, what it is - I do not know, but now we have in stock, in principle, everything.
 - And what is "in principle»?
 - And that also means that if something is not that it will be soon, every whim for your money, sir!

From the report of the commander of the occupation forces of NATO General MacArthur in Russia.

& quot; So ebёna mother nehuy me point out that as I've got to do, snickering English pigs! I fucking show you gruel! You fuck, I learn bast soup slurp! & Quot;

World Jewish Congress. Speech Dzh.Rokfellera younger.

It should be recognized fully mistake introduction to Russia in full NATO forces. As a result, we have lost more than 90 percent of the elite troops with full armament and now have an opponent with the most advanced weapons and combat training. the fact that the Russian aggression in response to her occupation was not followed suggests that Ivana conceived a cunning something new. It is necessary to conduct a special study of the soil, air and water from the territory of Russia. We must, in the end find that within a month of any person making a typical Russian ...

Somewhere in Valhalla.

-Well, One, pour!
 - How are you, father Svarog, a kind of trickery is cranked? All the armies of the world to lure the Russian land?
-This Is just not difficult was Odinushka. It was more difficult to negotiate with the Russian people, not to pussy adversary can fight at once. That's why the attack was made on Monday. To Russian guy with good reason I could not go to work. Mara !!! Mara - go here!
 - Drink, alcoholics? Che called it?
 - Do not drink and doctor ourselves! Praise you like Mara, the weather wonderful songs of nightingales for dope August that the villains in Russian lured faith.
 - Thank you, koneshshno, father Svarog for your kind words, but it was enough adversary and then another.
 - Well TKO? Well TKO?
 - In the bath warm up, girls red, slilikonom not spoiled, poschschupali, vodka dialed, but the morning kvas yes Rossol opohmelilis. That's the magic!
 - Ai Mara! What a clever goddess, well, come here. Science French kiss ... I teach ...
 - Ai unhooked, ohalnik not to sexual merrymaking me! We still chernomazenkih negrityatkov until my mother in the stomach are bleach, but to teach the mind to reason ...



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