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Will 18 photo cards and letters. Do not break, be so kind. The end will outline.

Winter - it is such a winter. It Snow. And slippery. And ugly. And cold. And in the winter in the car most of freezing most gentle and favorite place. Because I do not have heating. Oh, and figs to me. But the main thing - is cold (probably) my daughter Polly. She told me about it does not say it in general is little to say, but I did not understand it without words :)

In general, I found something to do for a couple of nights - washed down rear child seat.

Variants with capes were not considered - they are not design provides five-point belt anchorages. Therefore I went for the most difficult, but I think the most logical way - sew nagrevayki inside.
I went to study boutiques offer - the choice were all sorts of different popogrei, from 400 to 2500 rubles, and installation kits for the name of the hero of Russian fairy tale. Half an hour provybiral bought the most simple - a heating Em ** I for pitstsot rubles. Power consumption up to 25 watts, so it was stated on the label.


Remove the trim from the chair, look what's inside ...

Inside, foam and foam pad. By lining the bare plastic. It seems to me through it goes sour warm winter.

The padding also foam, but very little.

Adding mentally two layers of foam, we understand that to sit really cold and the heat does not stay. Now the question remains - to be warm up!

Ripped warmer, we need to get her out of the heating element and implement the lining of the chair. After several layers of tissue, pull out the light of the two cloth, glued together, and within the same, which is why everything was done. Carbon yarn.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the whole affair was - is to get them out without damaging. Adhesive between the layers of the plant do not regret it ...

Two hours later ... Done!

Some strands still razmahrilis, but not torn. They are strange, by the way, some - breaking strong, but that's just the way the mahr.

From the foam, which was warmer inside, carved out a substrate for heating. Superakkuratno not happened, of course - all he has done on the knee and on the eyes. The main function is executed. Pasted on the adhesive spray, left after some work. Dries quickly, smells a little, so just.

Found in the house of the cloth, the texture similar to the white that was warmer, pasted on top.

Try on the location of the tracks on the chair ...

Squirting glue on top of all types of sticks. Prior to this, to distribute over the entire area nagrevayki chair had slightly lengthen feeding copper wire. Also brought up "+" and "-" at one point and drilled a hole in the hull chairs to bring to the cigarette lighter.

The output tied the knot so melting picked for greater reliability. Do not help but check - works!

Close the resulting tissue - just as if it happened in the factory, but with a different geometry.

All! Putting it back!

Another test - this time not with your finger, and a thermometer :) The first picture - the temperature before you connect the power.

The second - after 4 minutes. This is the surface temperature of the chair in which no one is sitting. If it were, it would be higher, because the heat would not dissipate.

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Satisfied. I think docha when will say also say that happy.

Who will say that the children are now clothes and so warm, and that they do not need to preheat, I will say this: ten times better to sweat than once covered with rime :)

Time spent - three nights, enjoy the result and the realization that made baby gift is priceless :)

I finished.

All the good and health! And with the coming!



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