Gavryusha. 7 days to survive

I write for the first time, read from the bushes long ago. Please do not hurt tomato ...

Fate tossed my acquaintance ...
Coming out of the house I came across a dog, who was lying on the porch, vzhavshis into a corner and tried desperately to sleep. Trying to feed the dog meat were unsuccessful and a pile of wool raised for food has become clear that it is a puppy.
I feed him and went about his business. At some point I turned around and saw that Puppy is me. I tried not to pay attention to it, but the corner of his eye to follow and saw that someone had he not been distracted (even walk the dog) - He followed me and then caught up with me. Runs and pulls the sleeve - play with me! In general, they walked us half an hour, I tried to find out from local workers construction site and not only where it is for one of the fences at all pretended "broom" with the words - but what have you got here dog sits well ka quickly take him even money offered per night for the dog, but to no avail ...
I could not, I leave it in the street. I dragged him to the staircase. Schena hardly persuaded to enter the elevator, using m & m neighbor and someone's mother, we went up to our floor and then I was seized by an easy panika- and if not there is overexposure, where he was? Home accurate it will not be allowed ... to spend the night with him in the stairwell vaasche not an option, and produce back ...

driving off hysterical thought, I began to call all friends and acquaintances, who though he might even than that to help ... somebody call someone ©.

The first meeting

Gavryusha my panic is not particularly noted for once stretched from the elevator, half blocking the passage and fell asleep occasionally popukivaya yadom.

Overexposure we found about an hour later. Canine colleagues agreed to shelter the stroller for a couple of days. Call and convinced of the sincerity accept unvaccinated, dirty, smelly bezdomysha I rejoiced, but the handler after the phrase "bring", again fell into a stupor as his unnecessarily carry absolutely no idea. The situation is complicated by the fact that her husband was a sissy sstopudov not approve the idea of ​​a giant puppy transportation in our not new, but still a decent looking car. Obzvanivanie friends and relatives went to the second round, and now I was looking for a companion. They turned out to be a fellow volunteer, she is literally trades accompaniment dogs in her free time.
After waiting another hour it I happily declared home and intimidated her husband said that I would be a couple of hours, take the puppy and back. Not a word that we must take in the region, 35 km from St. Petersburg, where the xs in general. By slovu- already smerknulos.

Le Havre was clearly terrified zapihivanie next to the elevator, then into the car the way from the collar, he did not refuse, but the leash he had seen for the first time. But sleep again covered the Man and all the way until I called 3 times with the phrase cynologist Excuse me, I have again forgotten where to move down from Kaduna, though the following 5 turns remembered the first time he slept in his legs without accompanying hind legs still smelly popukivaya.

In the yard we were met by a pack of dog handlers! Havre behaved like a decent Puppy-sitting on his tail his ears humbly waiting until all the members of his flock to sniff. He especially liked the shepherd dog, which, as best he could, tried to settle back ...

With a deep sense of relief we went home to celebrate, swing and drive a turn nevertheless it was soon at home.

Lyrical digression. Schena almost immediately called Le Havre - the true name of the dog believe HAV-PPP!

The next morning started with a call handler that Gavryusha defied all night, and that today it would be with him in the veterinary clinic to be tested for infection. And if suddenly something will have to take him to the hospital infection ... I'm staying at the deepest feelings of frustration regret to inform her husband that she get out for 22 hours in the clinic. Male jaw clenching, nods.

Nesus to the clinic, where we sit with Le Havre on a drip, hand over analyzes, weighed (21 kg turned Puppy), looks around - the age of about 6 months, changing teeth. Gavryushka silently turn tail and suffers all manipulations. In one of the night crawled out of the clinic, dog handlers conducted with Le Havre to the car, on the way saying that the guy goes on a leash, happy that today will not be infectious hospital through the empty streets back home get out.

Photos of bolnichki

The next few days passed in anticipation of tests (all cost!) And the search for overexposure. I found a captive overexposure, and as soon as we are committed to the aviary we were offered home overexposure in the city, saying -there landlord obsessed with dogs, but very good. "Yes, we're out of your mind ©» - I thought, and certainly agreed.

On the day I am a neighbor picked up in the Kutch-ve companion, gladly told her husband that the 22 hours of Le Havre to transport food to Peter. Her husband swallowed mate, nodded.
Ask the handler only once to move down from the Ring Road where we got to the place, we sat in the car and Le Havre ... called overexposure to please that we were going. Overexposure asked us to come in the morning. ... 10 minutes walking cross talk between cynologist, overexposure and me ... and returned Havre cynologist we went home.
With grief missed the turn and started dating on an empty road fallen trees, we realized that a little lost and returning to the starting point began way back again. In 24 hours sullen husband opened the door for me.

This fote Havre taken by dog ​​handlers.

The next day we spent in meetings with Gabriel, with dog handlers from overexposure. Confusion resolved. Everything was almost perfect!

Gavryusha calmly walked side by side on a leash, in a new house quickly made himself at home, he met with other dogs. And when the master's cat with bulging eyes climbed in the face Gavryukha sniff Havre entered as a true dzhentlmen- hid my face in my knees))

Here's a Gavryusha became

And such

And Druganov

and Nabes :)

very tired

The next two weeks went again in search of overexposure, because the current was a time for a month. And bang! There is a contact! Back home overexposure, however in the area, but close. Another move and the guy in the new house. Fast adaptation, a wholesale charm of the new owners, we can say as always.

Behaves like the perfect sand toilet in the street, sleeping on the floor, does not spoil the furniture. Tale!
PR, we are looking for the owners.

And suddenly nakrylo- vomiting stones? Location? GNAWED wall? On the next day of the assay. Parvovirus enteritis. In many written sources. The doctor said - mortality 60%, 7 days on life or death.

Overexposure crying, I hold on, because I do not see the torment live. Call all the familiar and unfamiliar doctors signed up to the recommended. The course of treatment adjusted.
Threw a cry for help in the social networks.
The first day-normal flight. Tears, but there are requests that goes well.
The second day- do not eat after drip tears, lies. From the clinic by taxi not have the strength to walk.
The third day - all home treatment, medicines bought, droppers for 3 hours. Drinks, shoved 2 tablespoons of food.
The fourth day
Fifth day
Sixth day
Seventh Day

While waiting ...

It Gavryusha home. It lies at the threshold, it is hot in the room, apparently. But ears are not pressed.



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