Service Repair of digital technology

Hello. On Yap often appear themed posts about work or hobbies.

I want to introduce you to some interesting work as an authorized service center for repair of digital electronics to give some valuable tips, and just have fun.
Fasting is not the first, so it can kick at the end.
So, 18 photos will not break, go.
Discrete graphics card an old laptop Acer. They brought in for repair with a diagnosis - is not included. Once opened, it turned out that the previous master chip placed on the 50-penny coin that would eliminate the gap between the chip and heatsink, but did not bother to check the fit. It can be seen that the thermal grease smeared only on the edges of coins. Naturally, after such a notebook "repair" and worked a little longer to show signs of life.

Specifically, this notebook we have not repaired since the video card from overheating arched and change the meaning of the chip was not, it was necessary to change the entire map. Since the model is old, and the road map, the client declined from repair, and for a small amount migrated laptop to us on the operating table for the withdrawal of efficient donor organs.

Since I started with the theme "entered after repair in another service," I want to show another picture. It demonstrates how dangerous turn to unproven "apartment" repairmen, of which divorced in recent years - a dime a dozen. As a result, the connector, which should be changed, the Chinese richly filled with glue from the category - holds, and normal. Restore it failed, but had to tinker, and had a lot of mats.

E-book received a diagnosis - are not included, can not be charged. Once opened, it was discovered that it is densely populated, and the inhabitants were taken vengeance offspring, protecting laid eggs. The customer claimed that stopped working for no reason, no reason, almost at the time of reading.

Hail, Jay! Hail, Jay!

Entered repair a patient here. Everything would be fine, except that the logo appeared painfully amusing. At first we thought it was a Chinese robot, but Google suggested that it is the official logo of OSes Android 3.0. How many do not struggled to remember, and did not work, for some reason I recall 2.2 and then immediately 4.0

This poor guy was not saved. The owner was outraged by the level of our service, and proudly curled her lip, said:
Ā - I have it a few times in the water fell, I was drying it on the battery, and it worked! What's sharaga such nonsense can not fix it!
Never take a smartphone or tablet into a room with high humidity! Electrochemical corrosion - an unpredictable thing, and condensation can be detrimental for your devaysa.

Recently, in an incubator slipped theme of swollen battery which ripped cabinet. So, I declare with full responsibility - cheap Chinese gadgets in order. Very often the reason for this is the faulty battery or power controller, which leads to such consequences - the battery is inflated like a balloon.

By the way, if to touch the glass plate or baaalshoy Chinese smartphone appear bright spots, which are under pressure as it rolled from place to place, I advise you to pay attention to the battery. When it starts to swell, the display props, and places undue pressure is formed such spots. If the device does not behave quite adequately in terms of charging - charging for a long time, or vice versa, very quickly - a fact that "growth" batteries available)

Psss, man, you did not see the charge?

Restored order when, in the ejection of a mass grave of old mobile phones and their parts in the amount of four boxes. The digital market too rapidly growing and changing, and these push the old men, most likely, no longer be useful even for parts. At least, the probability of this is very low.

However, not all that bad. The man wandered in search of a spare battery, and that "this has become to keep all week." Really working Siemens shaggy year. I do not resist, sfotkal beside his Nokiey with the permission of the owner that would show the boys. Shabby, but it is currently working (even the operator can see), and it is the end of 2013!

And it strayed into the second repair iPads. He fell to the corner cracked touchscreen, bent body. After the diagnosis turned out that the machine is alive. Verdict - replacement taskrina replacement housing (cover). Housekeeping seemed too expensive (I still have him six months to pay the loan) had to get out of the situation with the help of Russian ingenuity, and a hammer - the mother. Align the cover, pasted a new touchscreen, the next, do not linger!)

Entered repair here is a "hot guy" Just the fire.

At first thought, chegoy he got excited and inflamed, it turned out, it's Girl, the latest fashion - clothes from the "TrussardiĀ»



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