Box gifts

It was before the new year. We decided to give the girlfriend of 12 themed gifts (on the road, but pleasant things). And so there was a need to make a quick box for these little presents.

21 Will the picture.

I beg for the quality of pictures (for the old camera, the lighting in the room porshivenkoe and flash can not see anything at all), and of asking for a mess (no desktop, doing everything on the floor, the carpet) ...

For the basics, you can take an ordinary box of a paper.

For convenience in the wrapping, it was decided to cut the extra pieces of cardboard on the sides.

Next, we need scissors and masking tape.

Sizing all the side edges. Made it to paste the material is not torn in places fold and small holes, as well as what would level the surface where it is needed.

Next, a dense paper or paperboard sizing those parties with which we cut too much (to maintain the rigidity of the box)

At length lockable cover sizing thin (can be colored) paper. If the paste over thick paper, the cover will not close.
The inside of the box can be pasted plain paper.

For pasting the box can take the usual wallpaper.

The last thing glued and pressed against the bottom of the press. Since good glue ended quickly. The bottom had prokleivat in two stages. Angles with the first side wall, and then the bottom itself.

What would make a box Christmas theme, I decided to paint the cover. Used with acrylic paints.

ATTENTION! Acrylic paints and varnishes only work in a ventilated area. It stinks it's just awful.

Since I do not know how to draw, the picture was printed, and from it using carbon paper (sobstvenoruchnogo production: tracing paper + black gouache) translated the basic contours on heavier paper.

Then paint a little bit of perseverance and mnozhko time ...
Samu box covered in white acrylic primer (cheaper than paint smell as well).

Image covered with acrylic lacquer of cans. Image became shiny and beautiful (photo that unfortunately did not pass)

Further, from the remains of colored paper cut out and pasted on top polusnezhinki cropped image.

ps do not skimp on the glue, save your nerves.

In the bins homeland stray gel with sparkles.

The edges of the images and outlines polusnezhinok cover sequins.

Get more festive.

Even after the box has been completed yet we realized that the white looks dim. Time to paint the sides were not. It was decided protonated.

Then he laid the gifts inside.

And tied a ribbon.

The tips of the clipped area.

Unfortunately entirely sfotkala before toning, then had to disassemble everything and to paint. Already fully ready to capture forgotten.

Girlfriend liked. Thank you all for your attention.



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