Girl of the siege of Leningrad, to conquer the world.

Recently the Soviet actress Lyudmila Savelyev, brilliantly played the role of Natasha Rostova in the famous film "War and Peace" marked '72. Who would have thought that a simple girl from the ballet school at once able to conquer the world.

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Smoktunovskij cried
The Americans then still managed to overtake the Soviet Union - they took their adaptation of "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy in 1956, and even more with our script has not been finished. Leaders of the CPSU set the task: "Remove the better!" Movie: The "revenge" Sergei Bondarchuk charged.
For the film, the cast assembled the best. But one of the major hiccups became ... Natasha Rostova. Bondarchuk could not find the right actress. Tried recognized beauties - and Vertinskaya and Kustinskaya and Fateev. It's not that! And then the assistant director offered to see "a ballerina." And Bondarchuk about ballet was a strong prejudice actresses are useless, and the art of ballet he once complained. However, utterly despairing Bondarchuk agreed and dancer. But seeing Savelyev near the shooting pavilion "Mosfilm", immediately regretted it. Before him stood a little delicate blonde who by no means associated with the image of Natasha. "And who brought you ?!" - said the master.


But sample Savelyev Bondarchuk still missed. Again, sorry. Conversation with a young cadet Natasha, in which she, the girl, trying to present a fatal seductress, a ballerina did not come out. She was glad she did not, look for an opportunity, as it were polite to say goodbye - and back to Leningrad. Especially that initially did not build any illusions, knowing that not even look like the heroine: a small, belobrysenkaya, eyes black as Natasha in the novel, and the blue ... but a stubborn assistant director nevertheless persuaded to give young talent a chance. This opportunity is not missed Lucy. The next day she was given a "dress Natasha", put a wig on his head. When he saw himself in the mirror, Saveliev and internally transformed. "I really felt like Natasha!" - Recalls the actress. And this transformation saw Bondarchuk. Last its sample was most responsible. Savelevoj had to play a farewell scene Natasha and Prince Andrew, who was ... Innocent Smoktunovskij. By the time Smoktunovskij already turned down the role of Prince Bolkonsky for the role of Hamlet, but sometimes ran to the set to Bondarchuk. And he asked him to help out - to play along in the episode ... Savelyev recalled, when she looked into the eyes of Bolkonski-Smoktunovsky, said: "The year really a whole year?", - The actor's cheek a tear rolled down. And she began to cry after him. The scene was played at one hundred percent.


After the trial Lucy went to his native Leningrad wait for the decision of Cinematographers. A few days later a telegram: "Congratulations to Natasha!»
"War and Peace" was shot five years. At first, Ludmila was torn between the two cities: with ballets raced a train to Moscow, the station without stopping in the hotel - in the shooting. This schedule has not passed in vain - the actress repeatedly fainted right on the site. Perhaps affected and hungry childhood - because Luda was born in besieged Leningrad. To the baby did not die from exhaustion, she had to feed her ... joiner's glue. Chocolate for the first time Luda tried 3 years. And went to the hospital with severe food poisoning: her body simply could not digest such delicacies ... When syncope began to happen in the rehearsal hall of the Mariinsky Theatre, Lyudmila had to make a choice. Ballet was in the past.


Bondarchuk often in the eye called a despot, an implacable, but Lyudmila learned to negotiate with him. She explained Maitre that is not going to engage in rehearsals, because after several repetitions of the same from her, unprofessional actress lost naturalness. And master even argued. And in one of the display suddenly he said: "And you, Lyusenka, playing better than me! You go to Italy with the footage ».
Foreign Lyudmila Savelyev met with open arms. The legendary Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina expressed his admiration for her. It Savelevoj entrusted get major world film awards - "Oscar." Newspapers and magazines came out with a portrait of the fragile Russian ballerina on the cover. In Europe, there was a real boom - many mothers named their newborn daughters Natasha. Italian director Vittorio De Sica told reporters that he wanted to see his picture in Savelyev "Sunflowers". So Russian Lyudmila got one shooting area with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren. And only then with the entire film crew went overseas to present a picture of Japan.


Family forever

"War and Peace" played a crucial role in privacy Ludmila Savelevoj. During the filming of the first ball of Natasha began her affair with Alexander Zbrueva. "I was in love with Sasha yet as long as there was a film" My younger brother "- the actress admitted. Zbruev also lost his head when he saw Lyudmila "Mosfilm" in the makeup of Natasha. "At Sasha was always such things boyish mischief than me and he conquered - says Lyudmila Savelyev. - I'm in those days was quite a romantic lady, who believed in the fairy-tale love »





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