In Kiev, defeated the Museum of History

Kiev deprived of its history. Yesterday it became known that most of the funds of the Museum of History of Kiev, who were in the Ukrainian House on the 4th and 5th floors have been destroyed. The doors to the room where he kept 250 thousand exhibits, broken out, and themselves antiques scattered on the floor. What values ​​have taken out - is still unknown, many of the exhibits, according to museum workers, can not be reversed.

That the missing. Prior to the capture of the building in the funds kept silicon tools of ancient people of Kiev, Slavic and Scythian tableware, decorations made of bronze and copper, as well as items made of gold and silver. Also, there was gathered church utensils, old furniture Kiev and unique paintings. "It's hard to say what is lost and what specific items destroyed. It is necessary to conduct a detailed inventory. But I can say that missing parts of ancient icons! "- Says" Today, "the director of the Museum of History of Kyiv Larissa Bulavina. Disclosed even boxes with exhibits of the archaeological site, which houses 1000-year-old bones of livestock era of Prince Vladimir. "What were trying to find - it is unclear. Ancient bones and stones scattered on the floor, roll painting, broken statues and souvenirs - because here was moved from the museum presents exhibits of the KSCA. On the floor lay a leaflet for the 1920 - stamped on her boots, she is broken, and it's a rare exhibit. Yesterday we submitted a statement to the police ", - said the deputy director of the museum Ekaterina Romanova. The police told us that the application is registered, they will verify the information and to search for the perpetrators. [Next]

WHO defeat. Employees of the Museum of History of Kiev could not get to the Ukrainian House and a half months - it was based "Berkut". However, according to the museum staff, following their exhibits were intact. "To get to the store failed after activists occupied the building. We climbed to the 4th and 5th floor, where the museum store and found that the seals on the boxes with the exhibits torn, door locks broken out, but the exhibits were then on the spot ", - says head of the Ukrainian Center for Museum Development Vladyslav Pioro. The second time the museum staff was able to enter the Ukrainian House yesterday. "We were shocked by what they saw! The doors to all the rooms and storage for 4 and 5 floors broken out. Opened cabinets with documents, computers smashed. If before all the exhibits were stored on shelves, but now the contents of the boxes lying on the floor! "- Said Pioro. However, activists deny any involvement in the pogrom. "Protection of the museum was carried out by activists of the Maidan, who would not let anyone on the 4th and 5th floors. And when we left Ukrdom, it took security forces. I think that they defeated the funds to write off all of us ", - said the organizer of the Student Assembly, which occupied the premises of the Ukrainian House, Bogdan Beletsky.



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