Museum and park complex AvtoVAZ (20 photos)

"Technical Museum" is a unique and the only museum in Russia on the occupied territories and the variety of exhibits. Today, museum and park complex covers an area of ​​38 hectares and has more than 460 exhibits.

Created in Togliatti Museum today can be considered one of Russia's largest museum and park complex. Conceptual plan of the museum belongs to the former deputy chief designer of "AvtoVAZ" and now Deputy Director for Technical Development SP Prokhorov.

The museum traces its history since 1998. It was then on the initiative of Vice-President of AvtoVAZ KG Sakharov Togliatti City Hall adopted a resolution "On the resolution of" AvtoVAZ "design museum of technology." In the autumn of 2000 on a plot of 12 hectares, the former places of natural scrap yard began construction of the museum and park complex.

September 7, 2001 the grand opening of phase I of the Technical Museum, dedicated to the fifteenth anniversary of the Scientific and Technical Center. By the time the museum has more than 300 exhibits, reflecting the development of the automobile, armored, aviation, engineering, radar, railway and other equipment, as well as missile and artillery and naval armaments.

The museum's collection contains models of weapons times I and World War II. Here you can see bastion cannons, 122 mm howitzers's sample 1910/1930 years., T-34-85, IS-3, T-70 tank and Czech «PzKpfw 38t» «Prague", who fought on the German side, the legendary jet multiple rocket launchers BM-13 "Katyusha", self-propelled artillery ISU-152, the Swedish anti-aircraft gun "Bofors" etc.

One of the main exhibits - diesel submarine Project 641 "B-307", whose length is 91 meters and a height of approximately five-story house (14 m), weight - 2 000 tonnes. The submarine was built at the Gorky shipyard in 1979 . All such boats in service of the Navy of the Russian Federation was 18. "B-307" - the biggest diesel submarine as a part of Russian Navy.

Exhibited prototypes of technology, were armed with modern armies: Mi-24 helicopters, remote-aircraft "Bee-1TM", 152-mm self-propelled howitzer's "Acacia" 2SZM, 2S5 self-propelled guns "Hyacinth" and 2S7 "Pion", the tank T-80U, Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon "Shilka", MiG-29 and MiG-31 armored assault, etc.

In 2004, the museum added to exhibit the highest (24 meters). This is a low-altitude station locator and lighting purposes that are part of the anti-missile system of medium-range S-300.

It is obvious that the museum contains a collection of hardware that can be proud of Russia. Guess which ones are no cars in the museum's collection? :)

Heavy road equipment.

Unidentified truck with a trailer, apparently came here straight from Fallout.

In 2003, the Technical Museum has received a prize of administration of the Samara region "Silver Seagull" for outstanding achievements in the field of tourism in the "Best tourist sights».

Capsule to launch unmanned aerial vehicle on the car chassis.

And the chassis for transport.

Mobile radar.

Exposition desantiruemye technology, in the same room represented chassis rover and rover.

The exhibition of railway equipment presented locomotives series "A", "ER", "T", "SB-17", "EA" locomotive "TEM-1", three armored platforms, cargo trolley and train rail car.

The exposition of the museum is really impressive. Here the best of the individual thematic museums. But cars in the museum's collection there is little, it is the only negative of the museum.


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