Unique driving license (3 photos)

Austrian Niko Alm was sure that if Muslim women in Austria were allowed to be photographed for a driver's license with his head covered,
it is all the more be allowed to take pictures in a baseball cap.
But it turned out that it was not to be photographed and to the rights of a baseball cap can not.
Nico did not give up and declared himself pastafariantsem worshiping Flying Spaghetti Monster.
He said that his religion requires wearing a colander and send pictures with a colander on his head.
The transport department looked at the photos and ... sent for psychiatric examination Nico,
by questioning his sanity and ability to operate a vehicle.
Bodaniya lasted 3 years and last summer Nico finally got a new driver's license, which he adorned with a colander on his head.


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