Some facts about the books

  • After reading about yawning - he begins to yawn.
  • In the past, books to read on the contrary.
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  • good times in order to teach your child to read - 4-6 years after 6-7 teach him to read much more difficult.
  • The median Activity man reading a week is 6, 5 hours.
  • On the average, the normal writing of the novel takes about 475 hours.
  • In the old days books chained to the shelves of the library.
  • Some books now acquire it are older than 45 years.
  • 68% of all books are bought by women.
  • The phrase "Bookworm" comes from the little pests feeding on roots books.
    • Paperback for the books were invented so that they become as accessible as cigarettes.
    • One of the famous "bibliokleptomanov" is considered - Stephen Blumberg. He "borrowed" more than 23,000 rare books from 268 libraries. In order to create your own collection, valued at approximately $ 20 million.
      • Adults who regularly read books, more than two and a half times as likely to volunteering or charity work and more than half inclined to take part in sports sostizaniyah.
      • A large number of readers lose their interest in the book on page 18. ul>


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