Steel Soviet Navy (8 pics + 2 video)

Black Sea, in February 1988. 2 ships of the 6th Fleet trying to enter the territorial waters of the Soviet Union. To make the Americans leave, the Soviet ships are ordered to perform "bulk" - to cut at a slight angle in the US cruiser and destroyer.

«shot hit the region helipad - high stem with a sharp forecastle TFR figuratively climbed to cruising helicopter deck and with a roll of 15-20 degrees to the left side of his weight became a smash and posted from the anchor fairlead everything he came across, gradually sliding towards the stern of cruise: torn lining side superstructure, cut down all lifelines helipad, broke the boat commander, then slid to the poop deck (aft) and also carried with all lifelines racks. Then hooked launcher RCC "Harpoon" - it seemed that a little more and be a launcher to pull off its fixture to the deck. But at this moment, caught on something, she pulled away from the anchor chain and anchor, like a ball (3, 5 tons of weight!), Flying over the aft deck of the cruiser on the left side, fell into the water already for his starboard »


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