Roads in Germany after the real winter

It is believed that in Europe the roads are good because they have properly laid asphalt, their technology and all that, but in the Russian roads are bad because they steal, do not know how, etc.
Yes, part of this is so, but only partially! Primarily to blame our climate. In the summer heat, winter cold, the snow melts and immediately prihvatyvaet frost - such tests can not withstand even concrete!
Europe boast that they have good roads because they can ...
I offer you to get acquainted with the quality of their roads, after they visited a couple of times this winter, with Santa Claus that bypasses patrol their possessions, not Santa nikalausom
Fans of all European owners and pink glasses dedicated Pay attention - in the background the Brandenburg Gate - is BERLIN!

But the guys are laid asphalt shovel of German truck brand name "seamens", no less!

It looks like a shovel and brush their Soviet :-D

"What's your evidence?" - You might say
so here you are, you can see for yourself:

And this is a snack Finland!




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