The car for the President (7 photos)

In my very cool.

Found on site interesting project - a car for the Russian President. Here's what he writes (Puntus VA)
this model: We all tried to create a presidential limousine turns or Mercedes (Maybach, Rolls Royce) or Zyl. I set myself the task of creating an image that would not be associated with any order or another. And do not be sent to the glorious days of the communist era ZiL. Or anything to do with the countries of the former under the yoke of communist ideology and lose because of that, millions of talented people. (Although its starting point and took ZIS 110). The image, in my opinion, to be stingy, causes neither love nor fear nor aggression. Monumental and worthy of the Kremlin walls, and architecture of St. Petersburg.

More can be read on the forum or here.


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