Spring St. Petersburg with bird's-eye view

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of our country, and is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I suggest you look at all familiar with the city of spring angle, and with the most charming and unusual. Spring this year's surprisingly early and completely messed up everything. In the Gulf there is no ice, and it still many Neva. But five places and is already making its way green grass. Here on this Spring Petersburg I happened to fly in the pre-holiday. On this and the story.
Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Exchange, Rostral columns and Mi-8 airline SPARK.

View of the Neva and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Fundamentals of the city - Isaac and the Admiralty.

"Center of the Empire" - the Winter Palace and Palace Square.

Savior on Spilled Blood, Griboyedov Canal and Kazansky Cathedral distance. And 3 more large church - check yourself in the knowledge of the city :)

Center as it is.

Smolny Cathedral.

The new building for the city government. Is constructed as something not fast, but quickly stadium.

Central CHP Sinop waterfront.

Moscow Hotel.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Construction of the by-channel isolation.

Alexander Nevsky Bridge.


Home-makers and bridge Peter the Great (Bolsheokhtinsky).

Arrow Ohta and Okkervil River.

Many people do not know that at the Finland Station has its Freight Station.

And here he is. With eternal stopper on the square.

Hotel St. Petersburg and the business center Petrovsky Fort


This is not a spaceport, and the metro station Gorky.

Stone Island Avenue.

Petrovsky Stadium.

But suffering and Zenith Arena. Something there is beginning to look through. When the built - would be boring, not something to be kidding. Although, I think, is still not completed. Right? ;)

Again, St. Isaac's Cathedral.

St. Andrew's Cathedral and the Church of Three Saints, that pedestrian 6-7 lines.

Vasilevsky Island as it is.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin that Schmidt on the waterfront.

Also Vasilevsky. On reclaimed areas began construction.

Passenger sea port, harbor, Lenexpo.

Port cargo.

This year the work was a little icebreaker. Ermak - an old friend.

To finish building a new warship.

A watt is something even more incredible. The truth is not military, but probably culinary and entertainment. Wait, gourmets, on the waterfront of the city. Or some other cities.

Petersburg Sea Canal.

Viaduct on the Avenue Zhukov.

View of the CHP-6 and the Baltic Shipyard.

The new CHP plant in the Southwest. Thence ghetto expanding - you need electricity.

. Leninsky Prospekt.

It also overlooks the sea and back. Remember the "concrete jungle"? In this about us. And come to the sea.

At this stadium played FC Rus in the second league.

Some of you have probably noticed the IL-86, standing at the Ring Road. There will be aviation museum. At the heliport Helidrayv.

Well, here we are at home. And there is a change. Pulkovo finally say goodbye to their terminals, satellites. The remains of the southern satellite remind hit by a flying saucer.

Source: fyodor-photo.livejournal.com


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