German fisherman found a letter in a bottle of 100-year-old

German fisherman settlement Heikendorf Schleswig-Holstein in Germany caught in the Baltic Sea bottle with a letter dated May 17, 1913, reports The Local.

Card was packaged in a beer bottle. It was written by a man named Richard Platz, Berlin residents. Finder letter he requested to send to his home address in the German capital. According to Fisher Conrad Fischer, seeing networks bottle, he wanted to throw it back into the Baltic Sea, but his partner told him that there is something there. Card was bought in Denmark, it was two German brands. The writer died in the First World War. Rybak has not yet decided what he would do with the message. First, he intends to give it to the experts, and then plans to either pass it to any museum or put on auktsion.

Letter found Fischer, is one of the oldest message in a bottle that has ever been able to discover. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest message was written 97 years before the discovery of a bottle with him caught in 2012. In September 2013 in Canada, a man found a bottle with a letter, dated 1906. However it is not yet officially registered as the oldest.



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