Indian proved that has the bystropechatayuschim nose in the world

23-year-old Mohammad Khurshid Hussain wrote a sentence of 103 characters in just 47 seconds after having spent months practicing six hours a day, honing his skills. If confirmed, he will beat the previous record set in Dubai in the year 2008. Then the Indian, using his nose, wrote the same sentence for 1 minute and 33 seconds when typing hands men were behind and were tied. Gathered around him a crowd of fans, one of whom was holding a stopwatch.

Hussein is not the first time enters the Guinness Book of Records. Previously, he set a record for the speed dial of the English alphabet, but then he used his fingers. He did it all for 3, 43 seconds in February 2012. The record was set in front of several journalists who had gathered in one of the public buildings of his city.



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