On the run

St. Petersburg as a cultural city that birds flying over him suffer.

MMM second runaway success proves that Russia's main problem is still not expensive ...

Kate and Peter live in complete harmony of family: the same tastes, the same ideas, the same desire. Here are just a Petit took three years to trying to understand what he likes is what

The house in which one lives intelligentsia. Late at night, one of the professors hit his head on the door jamb and gave obscenity. Since then, his house is considered a criminal authority.

The Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Russian Federation published information that confirms that all Russian officials and oligarchs - unscrupulous gigolos.

 - Mom, I want the latest generation iPhone!
 - WHAT ?! Who are you all this! Come on, goodbye!

Very well mannered boy fell into the sewer, has decided to close the hatch behind him.


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