How to cheat cheater

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the soap solar Togo from the lawyer by the name of Hanson Dugbe.

In perfect English Chancery lawyer Hanson suggested that I drank a legacy of his late client who serendipitously turned my namesake. The client was killed in a car accident, leaving no heirs, but leaving the nest egg in the bank size 8 US $ 500 000 (Eight million five hundred thousand US dollars). Desperate to find a snowy Russian balalaika and among the bears at least some relatives of the deceased, Hanson got on facebook and found his namesake with rustic-roguish good looks, and offered him, that is, to me, to introduce the heir and, for a small bribe to get my uncle accumulation.

Fifteen minutes later I was in a state of euphoria and was a real dollar millionaire, my friends. In that short time the money had completely corrupt my soul: I wrote a letter of resignation, sent to several colleagues and huyam mnogazhdy spat them in a jar of coffee. Later, a superhuman effort of will, I still forced myself Googling this Hanson and his office, and Hanson, of course, turned out to be a washed zhulmanom. Here's an article from the wiki about the so-called Nigerian scheme, if anyone is interested.

I would just Hanson Hitting the inexperienced, but the boys from the area have insisted on the need for a symmetrical response, and under Semyon and beer, we figured out how to overcome the loot at the very Hanson.

Expressing in response to the letter their willingness to cooperate, I began to share with Hanson letter full of lies and hypocrisy. Hanson himself as best he could to convince me of the authenticity of what is happening. For example, the death certificate of the engineer EP C **** Island:

The boys said they like.

But he Hanson and his lawyer's license:

These eyes can not lie.

Pay attention to the level of graphic editors.

Within two weeks I was filling any payment requirements for the bank, and Hanson helped me good advice and friendly support. During this time we are so close to it that our correspondence began to resemble an epistolary novel. He called me exclusively Braz Alexander, promised to soon come to visit me and even asked the size of clothes, because he wanted to bring me some African sundress, here are some mental latitude person.

And yesterday, this fight criminal minds at a critical stage: the bank (the bank allegedly well, actually the mailing address probably belongs to the same Hanson) urgently requested to come to the capital Lome Togo to personally sign the papers and, among other things, to pay a commission of $ 780. I replied that I would be right now flew in Togo direct flight from Balandin, but the horror, the horror, do not have time to get a visa. Then Hanson found out and offered to transfer money via Western Union to an acquaintance bank employee.

This, in fact, consisted of criminal intent - get me a money transfer to a figurehead. In entornetah write that usually these Hanson require several thousand, but with me, disease, only $ 780 decided to tear.

In his reply, I played some, I do not know, Forrest Gump, because in bad English was trying to mow a fool. Dear Hanson, I wrote, my wife says that life is like a box of chocolates is all a fraud, and does not give me the money. Hansonchik, honey, could you ask the employee of the bank to send me on his behalf any symbolic amount, say, $ 10, so my wife was convinced that this is not just another my imaginary friend, and you are not a scam.

Hanson evening suddenly calls me on the cell phone and says, well, Hakuna Matata, Western Union sent 10 bucks, show his wife payment order from Togo. This morning, took the money, here prufpikcha:

My friends, the trouble is that, having gained the victory over this little international crime, I rather deserved sense of satisfaction experienced pangs of conscience because he found himself in this situation a little cheater. And Hanson, maybe seven on the benches swollen from hunger, and they live in some kind of African favelas, money, and so no, and then there was the Russian mafia ten cropped.

Suffered for fifteen minutes, I, as usual, took himself in hand and calmed down.


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