Fasting for the elderly (16 photos)

The simple facts about simple things ... How many time is passed.

Who remembers, looked like a floppy disk? A 5-inch?

Sasha Loye from advertising Hershey is now 27 years old. Samuel soda Hershey did not find

The last episode of "Teletubbies" was shown 10 years ago

Many have forgotten that Malinovsky was on Muz-TV and began broadcasting "10 Sexy»

Channel «BIZ-TV» no 13 years

Misha Filipchuk for 23 years. He has long been not so cute. Sanka boy out of the picture "The Thief»

With the release of "Brigade" took 9 years

"Dr. Pepper" disappeared from the shelves 12 years ago. The new generation does not know this, alas sweet cherry flavor.

Official war with Chechnya is no longer nearly 12 years. And you could not tell ...

Once this aunt was a staunch oppositionist

I can not believe that "Brother" was filmed almost 15 years ago, and Sergei Bodrov himself not with us for almost 9 years

Masks show there were 19 years ago

How old "Ivan Int.»?

One of the most popular kids show, "Star Hour" first aired 17 years ago. Sergei leading Suponeva not with us 10 years ...

Counter-Strike was released 11 years ago

This video 11 years ...


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