Fiber optic connecting

The photo needle, which podsazheny entire planet. I do not know whether the final, but the foreseeable future - irrevocably. Because without it the world will stand very, very much. This section of the fiber optic cable. That which transmits 99% of the world's communications traffic, including Internet and telephone. Thickness of about seven centimeters. Total length to date is already millions of kilometers. And, of course, increases daily. Laid on the bottom of the oceans, they put all the continents. No, not all. Antarctica taken out of the brackets.
There are also special court for laying FOC. The largest to date is built in Finland in 1995 «CS Cable Innovator». Imposing such a ship - one hundred forty-five meters for twenty-four. Combat boot - eight and a half thousand tons of cable. In the free-swimming - forty-two days, and if refuel, and then two months will suffice.
In the vulgar, the most nimble channel, stretched across the Atlantic, was stogigabitny cable length of six thousand kilometers. For comparison - in three years, this figure has been increased by two and a half times. Developing and friends.
And, with regards to the ecology of the case. While seemingly no guard is not (thank God), and representatives of benthic life peacefully coexist with fiber optic tentacles. Anyway, the photos of this show.
By the way, if you want to buy a transatlantic cable TV channel with a capacity of one Terabit, it is worth this thing real nonsense - some $ 250 million.

1. Polyethylene
2. Mylar cover
3. Stranded steel wires
4. Aluminum protection from water
5. Polycarbonate
6. Copper or aluminum tube
7. Vaseline
8. Optical fibers


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