Unusual facts about the food

Apples help to wake up in the morning is better than a cup of coffee.

Peanuts are used in the creation of dynamite.

Grape juice:
Grape juice contains acetaldehyde (a close chemical relative of formaldehyde - a poisonous fluid for embalming), ethyl acetate (used as a solvent varnish), acetone (used in nail polish remover), acetic acid (vinegar) and some chemicals called hexenal, which give mown grass its characteristic odor.

Chemists discovered more than 300 substances that give a special flavor to the Scottish whiskey.

In ancient Rome, eat meat woodpecker was considered sinful.

500 ml of normal cola contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Nutritional value of zucchini and squash seeds increases with age. These seeds are those products which at least the decomposition becomes more nutritious. According to research conducted at the Massachusetts experimental station, zucchini and pumpkin seeds stored for more than five months, the protein content is increased.

Refined sugar - the only known product that does not contain any nutrients, in addition to calories.

On average, a kilogram of potato chips costs two hundred times more expensive than a kilo of potatoes.

Man uses only 5 percent of the food produced each year salt. The rest is used for such diverse purposes as canned meat, road building, production of feed for livestock, tanning leather, as well as the manufacture of glass, soap, ash and detergents.

Rennet, a common substance used for the coagulation of milk and cheese production, is produced in the fourth stomach of calves.

In many tribes of South Africa termites roasted orehoobraznogo condition and eaten a handful as a snack. Also worth noting is that in some specialty food stores in the US and Europe connoisseur of exotic delicacies can buy treats such as chocolate covered ants, bees and candied marinated bull scrotum.


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