Interesting facts from the history of online games

-The First online game was a text. its creators were Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw. Apparently they were fans of the board game ┬źDungeon & Dragons┬╗, as the first online game is very much like her. She worked through TelNet. There was not even in the days of modern graphics, so the user should have had a fair amount of imagination to represent everything that he writes on the screen. And in those days had to write and read, and then head to analyze everything: what is your sword, and how and where to cloak your desired character.
-The First commercial network online game called "Islands Kesmai." She was born with me in 1984, and users had for each hour of the game to pay about $ 10. Too much to be honest, not for the greatest pleasure to read the text, and in fact the game in those days were still text.
The first graphical online game - "Habitat". She went on the computer Commodore 64. All the action takes place in real time. For 1988 it was a good achievement and it seemed a miracle.
-The First massively popular and successful online game was Ultima Online, created the notorious Richard Garriott. Even 12 years after the final version - not one online game can not boast of such a game variety. You can walk freely around the world, making a fire, hunting and much more. Additions to this game is still popular, and their development is in full swing.
-The First online game with the possibility of simultaneous communication (chat, games) - Club Caribe. All lovers talk, apparently, the day the appearance of this game is considered a holiday.
The first online RPG c graphics were Newerwinter Nights. But do not be confused with the later creation of Bioware. They are united only by name. The first guild wars were also merit it Newerwinter Nights.
-first "Silicone" game - at the turn of the century Koreans released the first Lineage (in the people - "ruler"). Made in advertising emphasis on the elf with silicone breasts, creators of the line is not lost. The game is in great demand.
The first World of Worcraft. 2004 - comes this, the most popular online game. That's all. And that says it all :)


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