Baleen and homeless

Sometimes, domestic cats, for various reasons, become wild again, but not pretty. According to Scott Loss of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington ekobiologii (USA), feral domestic cats America annually destroy up to 4 billion of wild birds and 20 billion small mammals.

One animal, according to environmentalists, annually consumes an average of about 36 birds and more than 200 mice and other rodents and small animals, and all of them in the US alone more than 60 million. It is unknown how many "diet" furry villains amphibians and reptiles - Environmentalists fear that in some regions of feral pets can pose a serious threat to the ecosystem.

In this case, the number of stray population of predators in the future is likely to increase. Climate change will make the winter shorter, and the average air temperature - higher that extend the breeding season for cats. Some scientists believe that it may have the sweetest of all the consequences of the global process of human influence on the atmosphere.


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