Product Dictionary of the Soviet Union (133 photos)

During a boring name hides one of the most interesting reference books of the Soviet era.

The purpose of publishing this 9-volume book - to acquaint decision makers with a range of trade of consumer goods, vypuskamyh Soviet industry. It contains an enormous amount of detailed descriptions of various goods, such as the composition of the sausage "Doctor" or the one from which it was made marks brass samovars. In addition, many articles to explain, for example, differs from the underglaze overglaze painting, what are the kinds of diamond facets, as do Soviet whiskey, etc. etc. Each volume of about two dozen color inserts printed on uncoated fine paper with a special, unique to the 50's and early 60's, style. Black-and-white images in the same edition of a thousand. The quality of its printing performance is extremely high. I show only color pictures, not all.


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