Ridiculous robbery

32-year-old man decided to rob a beauty salon. But it was not there. The hostess went to the interior of self-defense courses.
As a result, the robber was tied and handcuffed, which are depicted in the photograph.
She decided not to declare to the police, and to take advantage of man. She fed him Viagra and rushed.
Guy was taken to hospital with suspected heart failure.
What is most interesting, he told the police about the rape. As a result, we got everything a man for attempted robbery, and rape the girl.

Exactly. Three robbers successfully carried out its dirty work, but two hours later, one of them returned to offer sacrifice to dinner somewhere in the evening. Stephon Bennett, who just turned 20 years old, was caught by the police caused the woman to which he came. It is understood that she had immediately recognized and called law enforcement.

Apparently, the guys decided to paint myself black marker robbers mask directly on the face is an excellent idea. This was done. But when you try to get into someone else's apartment neighbor called the police, saying that two people with painted masks marker try to get into one of the apartments on the floor, and they came to the big white car. It is understood that the hapless thieves have been caught a couple of hours. Maybe they would be able to escape, if not divorce these idiotic on the face. Suddenly, the guys realized that neither alcohol nor water can erase the markings on their faces. Hide with a mark of almost impossible, and the police caught the perpetrators.

If you are going to start a career, "Gentlemen of Fortune", in any case, do not leave visible evidence on the body. A good example can serve the rest of the intellectual, tattooed on his neck birth date and proper name.

After that, the guy decided to start a career car thief. It may be a career and be successful, if one of the motorists has not set a surveillance camera in the car. In the screenshot clearly shows «Evans 19.9.87». Actually, even the police do not have to work - this is probably one of the most rapidly solved crimes. Evans was given a period of seven months. Apparently, the judge withheld Evans - well, what damage can cause a robber?

That's all it was - a 48-year-old Joseph Goetz came to the department of one of the banks almost immediately after its opening. Goetz began to threaten weapon and demanding money from the cashier. He replied that if they wanted nothing to do - simply do not have the cash.
What would a "normal" robber? I escaped to until the police arrived. But Joseph began to write a formal complaint with the bank's management (!). As he did, one of the customers of the bank called the police, and the hapless thief was caught near the office.
Needless to say, "talented" robbers, otherwise you will not tell. Apparently, they did not carry in everyday life, so the guys tried themselves as robbers and thieves. It did not work.


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