Funny story about the tram and jeep

Funny story in the first person as a driver on the SUV blocked

traffic on a narrow street with tram tracks and trams stopped working

for a long time.

"We're going today with Katz on the tram for dinner, enjoy the rhythmic tapping of the wheel and suddenly stop ...

Some "not a good man" threw his trough, blocking the tram tracks.

By surprise at Maxim Evgenicha even snow-white cylinder slid on its side. Such audacity was not expected .... »

No phone where the driver is not clear.

It took 20 minutes ... no one. Passengers begin to diverge. The problem is that too much to go nowhere.

Tram is the only public transportation. The nearest metro station is almost a kilometer.

Older people sit and wait in the cold to walk a kilometer to the subway nobody wants.

People swear, angry ... but can not do anything. I'm calling the traffic police, I promise to send the dress but without a tow truck.

Evakuatror in such cases they are not allowed to send.

Gathered for 7 trams. Everywhere people are sitting and waiting for the villain will return to the car.

Near the machine gathered particularly frustrated passengers in order to cause physical damage to the driver.


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