Plastic surgery politicians (3 photos)

The magazine Vanity Fair is very amusing collection - a few world leaders who are likely to have cosmetic surgery (or which they should have done). Journal asked to comment on the photos taken at different times, a leading plastic surgeon in New York by Dr. David Hidalgo. three of the most interesting and relevant instance:


obvious that no surgical intervention was not there, said Dr. Hidalgo. Firstly, it would be very noticeable, as the Russian plastic surgeons terribly bad work, I regularly have to rescue the Russian girls that created the plastic horrors at home. Secondly, I personally do not think that Putin would agree to go under the knife and general anesthesia. as I can not believe it, he says. but the doctor does not exclude Botox.

other Putin's prime minister Berlusconi easier. he just transplanted my hair - it is officially confirmed exactly did lift skin around the eyes. and, according to Dr. apparently recently.


Well, the late leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya is also clear, according to Dr.: Botox - the best friend of the aging dictator.



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