Strange invention of the past (22 photos)

The time between the two world wars was a time of great confusion and uncertainty, but also it was a time of inventions, new ideas and creative thinking. People were convinced that progress must march around the world where more bright and made every effort to contribute to this. As far as possible, of course. And apart from the really useful and great pieces it was invented a lot of funny, strange and useless things.

"Lifejacket" from bicycle tires (Germany, 1925)

unicycle bike a top speed of 150 km / h (Italy, 1931)

Amphibious bicycle, you can ride and on land and on water, the maximum "load" on the water 120 kg (France, 1932)

Car-roly-poly, can ride on slopes up to 65 degrees (1931)

Hat radio (USA 1931)

Sliding Box (France, 1934)

Piano for bedridden (UK, 1935)

Reading glasses lying (England 1936)

A car with a shovel for pedestrians, to reduce the number of victims (Paris, 1924)

Analog GPS-navigator of the sample in 1932 to scroll the map, scroll speed depends on the speed of the car.

Folding bridge for emergencies, transported on a trolley (Netherlands, 1926)

Protective face mask in case of a snowstorm (Canada 1939)

The hair dryer

Pram in the event of a gas attack (England 1938)

Fotorevolver, filming by pressing the trigger (USA 1938)

Mouthpiece for smoking in the rain (1931)

Double die for especially heavy smokers (1932)

Compress with ice against a hangover, invented in 1947 by an employee of Max Factor for Hollywood actresses.

Newspaper Fax (1938)

Family bike with a sewing machine (USA 1939)

The device is to teach a child walking (Switzerland, 1939)


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